Pancakes back on the Nebraska menu

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

One of the biggest questions that has been asked since Bo Pelini assumed the head coaching position at Nebraska will be exactly what kind of offense the Cornhuskers will be running this season.

Joe Ganz compilied some amazing numbers late last season, but I'm betting the Cornhuskers go back to an offense that will be a throwback to their power-running tradition. It also doesn't hurt that they have a quartet of serviceable I-backs in Marlon Lucky, Roy Helu Jr., Quentin Castille and Marcus Mendoza.

Want an indication how things have changed? Check out this note at the bottom of the Lincoln Journal-Star's coverage over the weekend.

Nebraska offensive line coach Barney Cotton told the Journal-Star that the new coaching staff will return the pancake to the statistics they track for offensive linemen. Once used to recognize physical play by Nebraska's offensive linemen, it vanished under the Bill Callahan regime.

Nebraska coaches will have two different categories -- one for traditional pancakes (where defenders are flattened), and one for knockdowns, "which will be any time a guy gets knocked off his feet," Cotton said.

Just like the good ol' days in Lincoln, isn't it? Biggest question now will be if they can find some linemen who can play like those guys named Steinkuhler, Rimington and Shields who preceded them.