Talking Heisman, UT future and 'GameDay'

Thanks for all the questions today, everyone. Here's the full transcript, but this is the best of what you missed from today's chat.

James in FL asks: [While] his chances of winning are minimal at best what chance do you give [Justin] Blackmon getting an invitation for the heisman?

David Ubben: Probably decent. Honestly, it'll come down to how he finishes. If he has big games against OU and Nebraska, the buzz will be at a fever pitch and he'll definitely get an invite. If he has a quiet day, it'll probably die down a little bit and he might get left at home. Big performances on big stages are how you win the Heisman, and Blackmon's got two huge stages after this week. Two primetime games against probably top 15 opponents with big names.

Evan in College Station, TX asks: How does gameday choose to go to the Northwestern v Illinois game over A&M v Nebraska?

DU: I actually agreed with the call. Most often, GameDay goes to a site with national championship implications, and there isn't one this week. And this is the "Alternative Week," and a good pick for it. If you remember, a few years back they went to a Division II game or some lower division that had a crazy-old rivalry. The idea of having GameDay in Wrigleyville is pretty fantastic, in my opinion. I know the A&M fans are angry, but I'm sure they'll get over it if the Aggies knock off Nebraska.

Though this game is big for the Aggies, it doesn't even have a huge influence on either division race. Nebraska can still clinch the Big 12 North next week if it loses on Saturday.

Josh in Lincoln, NE asks: How long do you think you'll continue to get the "why doesn't the Big 12 go after TCU" questions? We're going on like 7 months now...

DU: I figure they'll stop around 2012, right before the world ends.

Sean in Lincoln asks: Dubbs, Is A&M a better team with a Jerrod Johnson living up to his preseason hype, or with Tannehill who now has them rolling?

DU: Probably with Johnson. For one, I bet they don't lose to OSU, come close to Arkansas and maybe come close to Missouri. Johnson was awful that day. Plus, with Ryan Tannehill at quarterback, the Aggies are down one of their best receivers. They'd be in the thick of the South race if they win at OSU.

Brett Davis in Hot Springs, AR asks: Is this season just a wash for Kansas, or does the brass have to look at Turner Gill's long-term potential for success?

DU: Yeah, it's been worse than most thought, but Kansas looks like it's getting better. Gill needs to recruit well, show some progress next year, and then go after a bowl in Year 3. If they're still winning four games by then, he'll face some heat. For now, he's fine. There are plenty of people selling on him as a coach, but you have to reserve judgment for now. I've said it since the start of the year: They're pretty short on talent right now, compared to the rest of the league.

Andrew in San Diego asks: Do you think Texas will come back next year and make a run for the Big 12 title? You think Baylor can continue its success, but come out even better next year??

DU: I don't think Texas is built for a Big 12 title run for at least another year. The offense is going to have a lot to figure out in the next nine months if it's going to be good enough to win next year, and they're losing a lot on defense. They'll probably win 8-9 games next year. Baylor, meanwhile, is really young. They'll be just as good, if not better next year.