Two KSU athletic administrators placed on leave

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

It's taken only three days for new Kansas State athletic director John Currie to start rearranging his administrative staff.

Veteran KSU administrators Jim Epps and Bob Cavello have been placed on administrative leave, according to an announcement made by the school.

"Earlier this afternoon, I informed Jim Epps and Bob Cavello of my decision to place them on administrative leave with pay until further notice," Currie said in a prepared statement. "This decision is not based upon any concerns about misconduct on the part of either individual."

Currie's decision comes only three weeks after KSU filed suit in Riley County District Court seeking to invalidate a secret agreement between former athletic director Bob Krause and former football coach Ron Prince.

Earlier, KSU had awarded Prince a $1.2 million contract extension three months before he was fired. And former KSU athletic director Tim Weiser received a $1.9 million settlement from the school after he departed to become deputy commissioner of the Big 12.

Epps is the senior member of the KSU athletic administrative staff after 30 years of service. He supervises the internal operations of the athletic department after starting at the school as an assistant academic counselor.

Cavello, who has worked at KSU for 13 years, oversees all financial, contractual and business operations for the athletic department. He also is in charge of the school's men's and women's golf programs.

Some kind of shake-up was expected after Currie took over. But the fact two veteran employees were targeted so quickly is noteworthy.