Why K-State is playing North Texas now

The final week of the season is most often reserved for rivalry games against in-state rivals or teams that share a border. Oklahoma State and Oklahoma will play to decide the Big 12 South on Saturday. Texas must beat Texas A&M on Thursday to qualify for a bowl game. Kansas and Missouri will write the next chapter of the Border Showdown on Saturday. Nebraska will try to lock up the Big 12 North against Colorado at home on Friday.

Kansas State is playing its final game of the season at North Texas.


I'll let Kansas State coach Bill Snyder explain:

"The game was on the schedule when I came back, and it was earlier in the season, and that put us at 12 consecutive weeks, and they met the request, which I appreciated a great deal," he said. "It was an opportunity to move the game back and give us a break during the middle of the season, because we had some Thursday ball games and a quick turnaround from a previous ball game."