Big 12 lunch links: How about another bowl game at Fair Park?

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

It's hard for me to fathom a bowl season without a game being played in the venerable Cotton Bowl at Fair Park in Dallas.

The Cotton Bowl is moving to the greener (at least financially speaking, anyway) pastures at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. That departure might get that bowl into the BCS mix in the near future because of stadium capacity, improved spectators amenities and location.

Gary Jacobsen of The Dallas Morning News writes of an interesting announcement back at the old stadium, where veteran bowl official Tom Starr is working with Dallas officials to bring another bowl game back to the Cotton Bowl's old location.

The stadium has been renovated and now seats 92,000 for football. After seeing it in operation for last season's Texas-Oklahoma game, it's really been dressed up.

Starr, who I first met when he was working with the old Big Eight offices, has loads of contacts in the football business. He's been involved in working with the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth most recently and has worked as an executive director for other bowl games in the past.

So it wouldn't surprise me if another bowl game ends up playing in Fair Park again with Starr running it.

I don't know if it would involve a Big 12 team or not, but it would be good to see football being played at that facility in a bowl game again. I'm enough of a football sentimentalist to enjoy something like that.

Here are some lunchtime links from across the Big 12 today dedicated to the old Cotton Bowl.

Read them while eating with some hot chicken soup to remember Joe Montana's comeback victory over Houston at the 1979 Cotton Bowl. Or even better, a Fletcher's Corny Dog slathered with extra mustard to recall all the great games that have been played there over the years.