Big 12 alumni Woods, Moore selected in UFL draft

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Hey, yours truly knows a little bit about start-up football leagues. I bet I'm the only reporter alive who has covered football games at Alamo Stadium in San Antonio, Montjuic Stadium in Barcelona, Spain, and Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton, Ontario.

I was even a regular watcher of XFL games back in 2001, long before the cheerleaders in the hot tubs got some of my friends tuning in later in the season. I just remember feeling a little deprived that Vince McMahon didn't choose to place a team in San Antonio, the self-proclaimed epicenter of minor-league football over the years.

That's why I'm so intrigued with the United Football League, which will begin play in October with franchises in Las Vegas, Orlando, New York and San Francisco. UFL commissioner Michael Huyghue is an old friend from some of the previous leagues I have covered.

Huyghue is a man of vision. That's why he's been able to convince former NFL coaches like Dennis Green, Ted Cottrell, Jim Haslett and Jim Fassel to serve as head coaches for teams in the league.

The UFL held its first player draft yesterday and the Big 12 was represented. Former Texas Tech running back Shannon Woods was picked by the league's New York franchise and Oklahoma linebacker Brandon Moore was chosen by Las Vegas.

I still think an alternative pro football league will work in the United States, even with the economy struggling as much as it is these days. Maybe this league will be the one that clicks.

And it won't surprise me if other Big 12 alumni eventually follow Woods and Moore to the league.

Because the coverage of all those leagues over the years has taught me that there are always enough players willing to keep chasing their football dreams.

Even through the soccer moats and 7-yard end zones at Montjuic Stadium.