Wildcats shore up defense, storm into lead

Ask and you shall receive, I guess.

Since giving up 162 yards to North Texas running back Lance Dunbar in the first quarter, the Wildcats defense has rebounded -- they forced three three-and-outs and a fumble.

Meanwhile, Daniel Thomas and the offense have done what they do best -- run the ball -- and gave K-State a 35-20 lead and control of the game.

Early in the third quarter, Thomas already has 198 yards. His career high is 234 yards, set earlier this year against UCLA, and it's likely he will exceed that this week. Combine dominant defense and a power running game and you'll get a lopsided time of possession, too. The Wildcats lead that stat by more than 12 minutes, possessing the ball for more than 24 minutes compared to North Texas' 12.

Thomas' exploits in the running game will get plenty of attention, but if the Wildcats go on to win this game, it will be because that defense figured out how to stop Dunbar and snatched the game's momentum.