Big 12 media days order set, but no players yet

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

The Big 12 has set the order of media days that will occur July 27 to July 29 at the Westin Hotel in Irving, Texas. It serves as an unofficial kickoff to media hype for the upcoming season. The head coach and three or four players from each team will attend.

I believe that all coaches will attend this season. We've only had a couple of coaches miss the proceedings over the years. I think that Tom Osborne skipped things the first year or so. And we had that bizarre tape of Gary Barnett a few years back where he answered questions from esteemed Colorado sports information director David Plati in an interview filmed back in Boulder. It wasn't quite the same as if he had graced us with his presence.

Each day is split with four teams and there should be good storylines on each day. Here's how they break out.

July 27

Oklahoma State
Iowa State
Texas A&M

July 28


July 29

Kansas State
Texas Tech

Unlike many conferences, the Big 12 did not release the attendees who will be coming to the festivities. Those names usually aren't released until the week before the meetings.

And I know that coaches don't ask the media who should be coming, but this would be my choice for each school if they inquired about my picks.

Nebraska: QB Zac Lee, I-back Roy Helu Jr., DT Ndamukong Suh, K Alex Henery.

Oklahoma State: QB Zac Robinson, RB Kendall Hunter, WR Dez Bryant, T Russell Okung, LB Andre Sexton.

Iowa State: QB Austen Arnaud, RB Alexander Robinson, WR Darius Darks, CB Leonard Johnson.

Texas A&M: QB Jerrod Johnson, WR Jeff Fuller, S Jordan Pugh, LB Von Miller.

Missouri: QB Blaine Gabbert, TB Derrick Washington, G Kurtis Gregory, NT Jaron Baston, LB Sean Weatherspoon.

Baylor: QB Robert Griffin, C J.D. Walton, LB Joe Pawelek, S Jordan Lake.

Kansas: QB Todd Reesing, WR Kerry Meier, WR Dezmon Briscoe, LB Angus Quigley, S Darrell Stuckey.

Oklahoma: QB Sam Bradford, LB Travis Lewis, TE Jermaine Gresham, DT Gerald McCoy.

Kansas State: QB Carson Coffman, WR Brandon Banks, DE Brandon Harold, CB Joshua Moore.

Texas Tech: QB Taylor Potts, RB Baron Batch, G Brandon Carter, DT Colby Whitlock.

Colorado: QB Cody Hawkins, RB Darrell Scott, LB Shaun Mohler, CB Cha'pelle Brown.

Texas: QB Colt McCoy, WR Jordan Shipley, DE-LB Sergio Kindle, S Earl Thomas.

Notice a recurring trend in my choices? If I were the Big 12 commissioner, there would be a rule that each team had to bring their starting quarterback among their attendees. No excuses.

Do I think that rule will ever be proposed?

Not on your life.

But here's a guess on the most likely and least likely to attend, for obvious reasons.

I bet there's probably a good possibility that Bradford and McCoy will be attending. Most Heisman Trophy candidates attend these affairs.

But I'm just as sure that Briscoe and Potts won't be there, either.

These are my choices. Hopefully they all will attend, or most of them, anyway.

Anybody else have other players they would like to attend, and why?