Talking NFL Draft, title contenders and rivalries

Chuck in Las Vegas, N.M. asks: So [Tommy] Tuberville left out a lot more of the Leach offense than promised, and failed to improve the defense as much as one might expect from a defensive mastermind. What does the future hold for TTU?

David Ubben: You've got to remember, it's Year 1. The offensive line will get better at run blocking as time goes on and Tuberville recruits a bit differently. The same goes for the defense. Give them time. The Red Raiders still won seven games this year.

Kevin K. in Omaha asks: Wouldn't moving those rivalry games back to that week just dilute the rest of the regular season? Those are the only games I'd watch anyway and there's no way they could compete against, PAC 10, SEC, BIG 10 championship games

DU: Nah, if you've got a team in the national title hunt, it's a great move. Plenty of people watched Oregon and Oregon State play this week. It just gives you an added week of relevance. The Big Ten's profile has been hurt in past years by ending its regular season so early, and the Big 12 doesn't want that. Sounds like some early candidates for the move are Bedlam, the Border Showdown or the Sunflower Showdown.

Anthony in Norman asks: What do you think the chances of the Big 12 producing a national contender in the next couple of years?

DU: Pretty good. Oklahoma probably has a chance to make a run next year. And if Oregon got there this year, does anyone want to rule out Oklahoma State? If Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon come back, they should be in great position.

Jimmy in Wichita, Kan. asks:: What are the chances that Ryan Broyles passes on the NFL?

DU: Strike issues aside, I think he'll go and he should. He's been a consistent producer for three years in this league. He's seen about everything. I don't know how much better he'll get, and his stock is pretty high. He's probably a late first-round, early second round guy because he's undersized. I'd capitalize on that now.