The Big 12 coaching salaries

USA Today has released its annual report on coaching salaries, and here's how the Big 12 stacks up per year, from top to bottom.

Note: Some coaches' contracts have bonuses built in for reaching bowls, BCS bowls, winning their division or conference titles. Those are not included in these numbers, but the maximum bonuses are listed in the USA Today report.

Mack Brown, Texas: $5,161,500

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma: $4,375,000

Gary Pinkel, Missouri: $2,550,000

Turner Gill, Kansas: $2,101,200

Bo Pelini, Nebraska: $2,100,000

Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State: $1,925,000

Bill Snyder, Kansas State: $1,875,000

Mike Sherman, Texas A&M: $1,801,000

Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech: $1,509,000

Dan Hawkins, Colorado: $1,391,903

Paul Rhoads, Iowa State: $1,051,145

Art Briles, Baylor: $878,315

And who doesn't like value buys, right? Certainly, some schools got more bang for their buck this season. Let's re-rank those coaches by how much they were paid per win this season.

Art Briles, Baylor: $125,473.57

Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State: $192,500

Mike Sherman, Texas A&M: $200,111.11

Bo Pelini, Nebraska: $210,000

Paul Rhoads, Iowa State: $210,229

Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech: $215,571.43

Gary Pinkel, Missouri: $255,000

Bill Snyder, Kansas State: $267,857.14

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma: $397,727.27

Dan Hawkins, Colorado: $463,967.67

Turner Gill, Kansas: $700,400

Mack Brown, Texas: $1,032,300

Looks somewhat reflective of the Coach of the Year race, no?