Beebe, Delany talk expansion, playoff

Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe took part in a forum in New York earlier this week alongside other conference commissioners, including the Big Ten's Jim Delany, and of course, expansion and a college football playoff were topics of discussion.

In short, don't expect a playoff soon.

Delany warned that the plus-1 format would lead to a slippery slope, where conference commissioners would not be able to stop further expansion. “Take a look at regular-season basketball,” he said, adding that the expanded tournament has devalued the regular season. "One leads to four, and four leads to eight. You won't be able to stop it."

While I agree that there's little reason for optimism regarding a college football playoff, I disagree with Delany's sentiment. By now, I'm tired of reading playoff scenarios, so I won't bother writing one, but I'm generally in support of an eight-team playoff.

He's right up until he gets to eight, but then what? Not much. In any given season, there are four teams playing national championship-caliber football. Sometimes, that number broaches eight. Never does it reach 16, and I don't hear much chatter from anyone clamoring for a college football playoff to expand to that many teams.

Not everyone likes the idea of an eight-team playoff, and that's fine. Delany is in that group. But I have a hard time believing anyone would ever make a serious push for a championship bracket to expand further.

Beebe and Delany agreed that a playoff would make more money, but, "It would be a huge disservice to players to add games," Beebe said.

Again, I disagree. Finals are wrapping up this week or next week at universities across the country, but the two weeks that follow aren't exactly jam-packed.

Anyway, Beebe got a somewhat humorous quip in when the subject of Delany and Pac-10 commissioner's efforts over the summer came up. Both raided the Big 12 and made their leagues both 12-member conferences.

Beebe referred to both Delany and Scott as predators before laughing and adding that he ""won't put them in a headlock yet.”