Zac Robinson spends time camping with the Mannings

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Oklahoma State quarterback Zac Robinson prepared for his senior season in a unique manner.

Robinson spent part of his break serving as a camp coach at the Manning Passing Academy in Thibodaux, La., where he worked alongside some of the nation's top quarterbacks. Additionally, Robinson worked with the camp's namesakes, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and their father, retired NFL quarterback Archie Manning.

Among the other Big 12 players who were at the camp with Texas' Colt McCoy and Oklahoma's Sam Bradford.

Robinson recently shared some of his thoughts with okstate.com about his experience.

Q: So what was a typical day like at the Manning Camp?

Zac Robinson: The first day, we got there in the morning and in the afternoon, the college guys threw with Peyton and Eli. The other days, we'd wake up at 7:30 and coach kids. My station was the deep ball. We would have lunch, then another afternoon session, then we'd have dinner and come back for a little seven-on-seven. My team was 4-0 and won. Manning Camp champs. Another night we did something called "Air it Out" where we'd throw to the receivers.

Q: Who were some of the other quarterbacks there?

ZR: Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Jevan Snead from Ole Miss. He was my roommate. T.J. Yates from North Carolina and Jonathan Crompton from Tennessee. There were more, but those were some of the guys that immediately jump out.

Q: Did you get any time to visit with any of the Mannings?

ZR: I did get to talk to Peyton and Eli. I spoke to Eli for about 45 minutes the first night. Those guys brought us in to answer any questions that we had. They talked about the NFL and what to expect when you get there. That whole session was a great part of the camp because they really want to help you as a college quarterback and teach you some things both on the field and off the field.

Q: What did you take from those sessions and from the camp in general?

ZR: They said the biggest thing is to just enjoy your senior year because it's the last time you are going to play college ball and have that camaraderie with your teammates. Don't even think about the NFL at this point. Just enjoy what you have because it's a great thing.

Q: What did they know about you as a quarterback going into the camp?

ZR: They watched a bunch of our games last season. Archie Manning in particular kept up with me because I worked their camp last summer too. He sent text messages to me before a few of the games last season wishing us well. They knew that I am an athletic quarterback who can throw it too.

Q: Describe what it was like to be around those other quarterbacks who worked camp, some of whom are on teams that you'll face this year:

ZR: It's good to be around those guys. Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and I actually hung out together out at the camp. It's fun to sit around and talk to those guys about their experiences and kind of compare notes because we are all in a similar situation and we all face the same teams in the Big 12. It's good to get their input.

The experience obviously has helped Robinson mature into a more experienced and seasoned quarterback. It will be interesting to see if he uses those lessons as he tries to boost the Cowboys into the Big 12 championship game for the first time in school history.