How will Muschamp affect Texas recruiting?

I touched on the issue briefly Saturday night, but ESPN Recruiting analyst Tom Luginbill dove into what Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp's jump to head Gator means on the recruiting trail.

In short, he's a perfect fit for the Gators, but what does that mean for Texas?

There is a lot of turnover right now, but the bottom line is Texas is Texas. Muschamp is a great recruiter, but most of the players in that class are from Texas and they want to play at Texas regardless of who the defensive coordinator is. There are kids who grew up dreaming of wearing the burnt orange and white and when they got the offer, it took seconds for them to say yes. Muschamp leaving isn't likely to change that. You heard almost nothing from Texas recruits about leaving during the bad season and don't expect to hear too much rumbling now.

That has essentially been my thoughts on the issue as well. As jarring as it must have been for Texas' No. 1 recruiting class to see their future program go 5-7, one season doesn't erase the nine 10-win seasons that preceded it. Texas is undergoing a major overhaul, and the coaches that fill Muschamp's and resigned offensive coordinator Greg Davis' spot will matter.

It might cost -- or gain -- them a few recruits right away, but the bigger issue is them having success on the field. As long as that happens, Texas has nothing to worry about in the long run.

If Texas can't rebound to win 8-9 games next season, or the one after it, the Longhorns will have to worry about falling out of the perennial top 5. Surging programs around them like Texas A&M and Oklahoma State will hope to swoop in on some of the top talent around the state.