Big 12's future, bowl upsets, All-Star game

Couldn't get to today's chat? Here's what you missed. A few highlights:

MJ in Oklahoma City asked: Hey Dave...I may be looking too far ahead, but who is your favorite to win the new look Big 12 next year?

David Ubben: Well, right now, it's pretty clear that Oklahoma will enter the season as the favorite. Plenty of football to play. Texas A&M, Missouri, Oklahoma State, and maybe Texas Tech or Texas could be in play as well.

Jim in Grand Junction, Colo., asked: David - with the Big 12 leading the nation in boring bowl games, which would be the biggest upset and have the worst consequences? UConn beating Oklahoma, Washington beating Nebraska? Is either even a remote possibility?

DU: Yeah, those are the two. Both are definitely "possible." Nebraska's offense isn't what it was the last time the two teams played, and we still have no idea what to expect out of Taylor Martinez in the bowl game. We'll see, but a bad performance from him could mean a low-scoring game, and Jake Locker will be better than he was in September. As for Oklahoma, they've had issues stopping the run, and if UConn gets Jordan Todman going and keeps Oklahoma's offense off the field, an upset is certainly within reason. That said, I wouldn't bet on either to lose, but it's still possible.

Chris in Dallas asked: Now that all of the games are over (minus bowls), what has been the best atmosphere you've been around at a game this season?

DU: Definitely Nebraska at Texas A&M, followed by Oklahoma at Missouri. A couple of other good ones were Florida State at Oklahoma and Missouri at Nebraska -- in the first quarter, anyway.

Wyatt at Big 12 asked: Now that you have you have determined who would be in your north vs south game, whose jerseys would you use? stadium? coach?

DU: Ha, interesting question. Gotta play it at Cowboys Stadium. Give me Bo Pelini (with an offensive coordinator) vs. Bob Stoops. And give the South those Texas all-whites and the North can wear Missouri's black jerseys with gold pants. Solid combos right there.