Weatherspoon has no second thoughts about his 'Juice' tweet

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

IRVING, Texas -- Missouri linebacker Sean Weatherspoon said he had no regrets about his recent tweet on his Twitter page about his plans for the Tigers' Sept. 5 opener against Illinois in St. Louis.

The All-Big 12 linebacker apparently is using the upcoming matchup against Illinois quarterback Juice Williams for inspiration.

From Weatherspoon's Twitter page: "Just finished a stellar workout, hit 475 on the bench easy, almost hit 500, gotta get it soon! 50 days until I squeeze the pulp out of Juice"

Weatherspoon and Williams are friends and frequently communicate, Weatherspoon said.

"Me and Juice have talked before," Weatherspoon said. "To me it was more like a joke, a clever little thing I came up with."

But Weatherspoon said he meant no malice in any comments against the Illini.

"Hopefully, he doesn't take any offense to it because I didn't really mean much by it," Weatherspoon said. "I didn't think Twitter would be like that, but basically it's like a press release when you say something on it. I definitely have to watch out what I say when I use it."