Sooners twice miss landing haymaker

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- In theory, there's nothing wrong with being up 14 in a BCS bowl game, especially for Oklahoma, who hasn't won one since 2002.

It's less satisfying for Sooners fans when their team is a 17-point favorite, like it is tonight.

Twice, Oklahoma has nearly landed the knockout punch, but missed twice.

Ryan Broyles returned a punt that looked like it had a chance to go all the way, but premature showboating led to a fumble and a turnover. Then, Oklahoma faked a 47-yard field goal, but the deep pass from John Nimmo to Trent Ratterree fell incomplete.

Make no mistake, Oklahoma is dominating this game. The Sooners have been in control and have yet to allow an offensive touchdown with a 34-20 lead.

Oklahoma has a pair of big plays -- the 59-yard touchdown to Cameron Kenney and Jamell Fleming's interception return, but it missed out on two more. Convert those, and the rout is on.

But Oklahoma has given up a pair of big plays, too. Jones had his own interception returned for a score, and the kickoff after Fleming's interception went back for a touchdown.

Because of that, Connecticut is still very much alive.