Fans weigh in with favorite 2010 moments

You saw my top moments and my top games on Tuesday. Then I turned it over to you guys. Plenty of good stuff. Here's what you had to say:

A hint: One game was a recurring theme.

Dan in St. Louis writes: Dave, Don't know you could leave Mizzou-Oklahoma off your best moments or best games list. It was the best college gameday turnout EVER followed by one of the best games of the season, and the post-game antics were nothing short of ridiculous. The overhead shots of a field filled with black and gold were part of every college football montage throughout the season. You can't put the Moe Miracle on your list but not this game. You just can't.

Andrew in St. Louis writes: For your top ten moments of the year, absent was anything from the Mizzou-Oklahoma game on October 23rd. One that sticks out to me is the Gahn McGaffie taking the opening kickoff 86 yards for a touchdown. It was an electrifying moment for the crowd, and it led Missouri to a huge victory over the top team in the country.

Spencer in Columbia, Mo., writes: No doubt about it, OU vs. Mizzou for the 99th edition of true Homecoming!!! Largest College Gameday crowd ever, McGaffey's return on the opening kickoff, Jackson's TD catch in the fourth to seal it, rushing Faurot and carrying the goalpost to Harpo's!!!!

Josh in Kansas City writes: David, how in the world do you not put the Oklahoma-Missouri game in either your top 10 moments or top 5 games of 2010? No. 1 in the country is upset, record-breaking crowd at College Gameday, and huge leap forward for the Missouri football team?! Not to mention one heck of a game to watch! I wouldn't expect it to be number 1, but to not have an appearance in crazy!

My take: The people have spoken. The McGaffie kick return is the one moment that sticks out from that game, so it probably deserved a spot on the list. It took an already amped crowd to the next level and really made it clear early on: Missouri could win that game. And it did. The main reason I left it off the list of games is because the game itself didn't have a great finish, which most of the others on the list did. It probably deserved a spot on the moments list, but the losses to Nebraska and Texas Tech kind of eliminated Missouri's chances to have a special season, so the game sort of stands alone as a singular moment, rather than a moment that marked a turning point in a season. If you look at the other moments on the list, they each fit that criteria, minus the tip drill at Bedlam, which was just an unbelievable play.

Moving on...

Curtis in Washington, D.C., writes: I'd have to group the back-and-forth 92 seconds of the Bedlam Game as my "moment". It's been a long time since I yelled "YES!" and "NO!" so many times at the top of my lungs in short succession. It wasn't until OU stopped the kick returner after the Hanna TD catch that I calmed down enough to sit down and take a breath.

My take: I hear you, Curtis. As a writer who had to rewrite quite a bit of copy after every single one of those plays, I mostly just yelled (read: thought), "NO!" but it doesn't take a ton of perspective to see how fantastic that finish was.

Alexandra in Dallas writes: The Texas Tech-Missouri game was a pretty big deal for Tech fans. In the midst of a rebuilding year, Tech upsets #15 Missouri, while participating in the Wounded Warrior Project, during Homecoming. Easily the biggest win of the season, and the players waving the students on to the field after the game was the cherry on top. Just a special event all around.

My take: Definitely a huge win for Texas Tech. I particularly liked Taylor Potts' gesture after the win, giving a speech in honor of the Wounded Warrior Project, rather than answer questions about the game.

Wade in Fort Worth, Texas, writes: Top 10 moments of the season. Robert Griffin III taking a knee against Kansas State in a 47-42 victory making the Bears bowl eligible for the first time since they joined the Big 12. I know there are better teams, better plays, and better games, but ending a decade and a half of futility is quite an accomplishment.

My take: Certainly a worthy member of the list. But what about RG3 getting engaged a couple hours later? Where's that on your list, Wade?

Nick in Omaha, Neb., writes: Best moment, besides the remarkable Bedlam game, I would say it was Roy Helu Jr's 307 rushing yards against a great Mizzou team. 3 huge rushing breaks, with touchdowns on each. Best in my opinion.

My take: That first-quarter spurt certainly was glorious for the Huskers. What an unbelievable 15 minutes of football. Arguably the best of the year from any team in the Big 12.

Rob in Catania, Sicily (Navy) writes: As a die-hard Sooner, I am proud to say we won the most Big XII Championships and this last one could not have been any better. I respect Nebraska and their tradition and they played hard. I'm sad to see them leave, but what a way to end a rivalry! The game started at 3 A.M. for me and I had work the next day, but there is no excuse for missing the (potentially) last OU-Nebraska. Boomer Sooner!

My take: That's pretty impressive commitment right there.

Acee in Oklahoma writes: I may of skimmed through the lists a little quick, but I didn't see any mention of Roy Helu Jr's 300 yard rushing day versus Missouri. Wasn't that #1 in the Husker's rich history? What about the 13-12 rematch? How the Huskers hyped up their revenge game against a skidding Longhorn team with no offense, against the Blackshirt D in Memorial Stadium? All those ":01" and "10-16-10" shirts and hoopla. A lot of crow was ate that day.

My take: All good suggestions, but I posted this one for one main reason: Can someone explain to me people's obsession with using the phrase "eating crow?" It's not funny really at all. It's so overused that it's been stripped of its meaning, of which it had little to begin with anyway, but people stick with it. Anytime anyone is wrong about something, it's immediately the first phrase that pops up. Why? Can we get some originality or at least something new? It doesn't even have to be good, perhaps feeding someone a Shut-up Sandwich with Wrong Sauce. That's awful, and it's still better than "Eat some crow!"

Thanks. I'll leave my soap box to the next ranter now.

Keivan in Baltimore writes: Texas extending thier win streak in Lincoln. The Husker fans were gearing up for this game for 10 months and were ready to pounce on the worst Texas team in years, and simply couldn't get it done. Hook 'em.

My take: It didn't surprise me all that much at the time, but the further we got away from that game, the more unbelievable it got.

Gavin in Austin, Texas, writes: When Mack decided to clear house and start from scratch after our abysmal season. Beating Nebraska was a distant second, but amusing. That's all I got.

My take: Certainly all things Texas fans liked to see.