Longhorns face long, strenuous day during camp

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Texas coach Mack Brown wants to test his team during the next several weeks.

That's why training camp is such an arduous battle; he's trying to get them ready for anything they might face during the season.

"Preseason camp, for a better analogy, is like boot camp," Brown said. "It's trying to prepare you for tough days and the days where things aren't going your way. That's when your leadership steps up."

The Longhorns are up well before daybreak and practice until nearly sunset in an activity-filled day.

"Two-a-days prepares you for that fourth-quarter game where things aren't going well and who is going to step up and make a difference," Brown said.

To give you an idea of what camp is like on the inside, here's today's schedule, courtesy of MackBrown-Texasfootball.com:

4:30 a.m.: Wake up
4:50 a.m.-5:50 a.m.: Tape/breakfast
5:40 a.m.: Defensive squad bus departs for practice field
5:50 a.m.: Team bus departs for practice field
6 a.m.: Blitz walk-thru
6:15 a.m.: Team flex
6:30 a.m.-8 a.m.: Practice in shorts and helmets
9 a.m.: Post-practice continental breakfast
9:30 a.m.-10 a.m.: Special forces (teams) meeting
10:05 a.m.-11:15 a.m.: Offense/defense meetings
11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.: Lunch
Noon: Staff meeting
1 p.m.-3 p.m.: Rest
3 p.m.-4 p.m.: Dinner
3:50 p.m.-4:20 p.m.: Special forces meetings
4:25 p.m.-5:25 p.m.: Offense/defense meetings
5:25 p.m.: Defensive bus departs for practice field
5:35 p.m.: Team bus departs for practice field
5:45 p.m.: Blitz walk-thru
6 p.m.: Team flex
6:15 p.m.-7:45 p.m.: Practice in shorts and helmets
7:45 p.m.: Snack
8:30 p.m.: Offense/defense meetings
10:30 p.m.: Curfew

It's obvious after looking at this that rest time is at a premium for the Longhorns. And 4:30 a.m. must come mighty early for all of them.

But some Longhorns don't appear to mind that their focus is consumed by football.

"I've been looking forward to it for a long time," tackle Adam Ulatoski said. "This is an exciting time. Like I told (Texas guard) Charlie (Tanner) earlier, all we have to do is focus on football, eating and sleeping. That's it. It's pretty exciting for me."