ESPN.com's All-Senior Big 12 team

Inspired by our friends at the Big Ten and SEC blogs, we'll put together a long-overdue team composed of the league's best seniors.

We made a team full of freshmen, so why skimp on the old guys? Well, we won't.

My All-Big 12 team featured 16 seniors, and they're all on the team below, but plenty of other guys put together distinguished careers and 2010 seasons that deserve recognition.

Their careers may be over, but you can bet all these players will live on in school lore for quite some time. Here goes:


QB: Taylor Potts, Texas Tech

RB: Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State

RB: Daniel Thomas, Kansas State

WR: Lyle Leong, Texas Tech

WR: Detron Lewis, Texas Tech

WR: Aubrey Quarles, Kansas State

C: Tim Barnes, Missouri

T: Nate Solder, Colorado

T: Danny Watkins, Baylor

G: Keith Williams, Nebraska

G: Ricky Henry, Nebraska


DL: Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma

DL: Lucas Patterson, Texas A&M

DL: Sam Acho, Texas

DL/LB: Brian Duncan, Texas Tech

LB: Von Miller, Texas A&M

LB: Orie Lemon, Oklahoma State

LB: Michael Hodges, Texas A&M

CB: Andrew McGee, Oklahoma State

CB: Prince Amukamara, Nebraska

S: Quinton Carter, Oklahoma

S: Byron Landor, Baylor


K: Alex Henery, Nebraska

P: Derek Epperson, Baylor

Returns: Niles Paul, Nebraska

Selections by school: Nebraska (5), Texas Tech (4), Oklahoma State (3), Texas A&M (3) Baylor (3), Kansas State (2), Oklahoma (2), Texas (1), Missouri (1), Colorado (1)

A few thoughts:

  • It was kind of slim pickings at receiver, but only because the Big 12's top five and 11 of its top 15 receivers will be coming back in 2011. Colorado's Scotty McKnight only narrowly missed the team. I'd say he's probably a more talented receiver than Quarles, but Quarles' production was there in 2010. McKnight's, after adding freshman Paul Richardson to the mix, took a bit of a dive in his senior year.

  • That's a heck of a defense. All 11 guys weren't very far off from making the regular All-Big 12 team. The same is true of the offensive line.

  • Potts' year was a lot better than a few Texas Tech folks would have you believe, but he didn't have a lot of competition to make the cut on this squad. His own teammate, Steven Sheffield, was probably the only guy who could keep him from this squad. The only other Big 12 starters this year were Iowa State's Austen Arnaud, Kansas State's Carson Coffman and Colorado's Cody Hawkins.

  • It's a solid group at running back, too. Thomas and Hunter were the same two guys on my All-Big 12 team, getting the nod just over Oklahoma's DeMarco Murray, Nebraska's Roy Helu Jr. and Baylor's Jay Finley. Definitely a great year for Big 12 running backs, especially the seniors.