Longest-tenured coaches with no BCS bowls

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

While doing some research for another story, I developed this chart. I was curious which coaches in BCS-affiliated conferences had the longest tenures without making a BCS bowl trip.

  1. Jim Leavitt, USF: 13th season at job

  2. Randy Edsall, Connecticut: 11th season at job

  3. Mike Leach, Texas Tech: 10th season at job

  4. Gary Pinkel, Missouri: ninth season at job

  5. Al Groh, Virginia: ninth season at job

  6. Mike Riley, Oregon State: ninth season at job

  7. Greg Schiano, Rutgers: ninth season at job

  8. Jeff Tedford, California: eighth season at job

  9. Bobby Johnson, Vanderbilt: eighth season at job

  10. Rich Brooks, Kentucky: seventh season at job

  11. Mike Stoops, Arizona: sixth season at job

I think the list highlights several interesting trends. The top two are coaches who have led their programs from the formative stages.

Then, it gets interesting. Leach consistently has been one of the outstanding coaches in the nation. But his program still has never taken the "next step" to a BCS game.

The same goes for Pinkel, Groh, Riley and Schiano -- all accomplished coaches who have repeatedly taken their programs to bowl games over the years. They just haven't been able to take their program to that "big game."

Of those on the list, I think that Tedford has the best opportunity to break that streak this season as the Bears might be in line to challenge USC in the Pac-10 and maybe be in contention for a BCS at-large berth.

But I thought it was very interesting that two coaches who qualified for a share of their respective divisions championships in the Big 12 rank so highly on a list for the lack of a BCS bowl appearance.