Goodbye, Nebraska

The time has finally come.

Today, we say goodbye to Nebraska. We'll follow suit with Colorado on Friday.

Adam Rittenberg and I will team up all day for a collection of posts to help make the transition, so you'll want to keep an eye both here and on the Big Ten blog. There will be lots of different things of interest to Huskers fans and fans across the Big 12, so make sure to keep checking back.

It's been great having you guys. I enjoyed every one of your 37 million e-mails over the past year. I kid, but seriously, you guys have added a lot to this blog in my time here, and I really do appreciate it. You've helped make this space a great place, and no matter what others from the Big 12 might tell you, you'll be missed.

There have been plenty of great memories in Nebraska's time in the Big 12 and Big 8, and I'm sure they'll make plenty more now that it's in the Big Ten.

I hope you enjoy all we have on the blog today.