New Cowboys OC gives insight into vision

Oklahoma State announced its hire of new offensive coordinator Todd Monken late Wednesday afternoon, and the Cowboys' website has a quick Q&A up with the newest member of Mike Gundy's staff.

Gundy talked about the future of his offense at length back during Big 12 media days in August, and clearly he has no intention with this hire to move away from the spread offense. The Cowboys had a lot of success with the spread in 2010 and other versions of Gundy-run offenses.

"I want to blend what this team has done with what I've done to make this Oklahoma State's offense," Monken said. "We want to have flexibility with it. With all of the returning starters, it would be silly to break up what they already have going. When I was at Louisiana Tech, we were no-huddle. When I was at Oklahoma State under Les, it was power running and going straight ahead. The key is to be flexible."

The Cowboys weren't able to keep Holgorsen after the 2010 season, but that was hardly a surprise. The key now is to try to duplicate or improve on what they built.

"I'm just trying to come in and find what fits best. Even before Dana was there, Oklahoma State didn't lack in offensive productivity," Monken said. "It's never been an issue under Coach Gundy. The biggest thing is just to have an identity where this is Oklahoma State's offense and we know what we want to do."