What I'll miss about Nebraska

We're saying goodbye to Nebraska on the blog today, and I took some time to list a few of the things I'll miss most about the Huskers.

The fans. Easily No. 1 on my list. Huskers fans are everywhere. Home and away, I can't go anywhere on campus on a game weekend without running into Huskers fans. They e-mail endlessly. They know and love their team. As a group, they're what every fan base should aspire to be.

The buzz. There's not much like Lincoln on game day. Especially before big games, the whole city is buzzing with anticipation, and it's a bit more palpable than on most campuses. Nebraska fans only get a handful of Saturdays a year to celebrate their favorite thing in sports, and they take advantage of it.

Memorial Stadium. It's an absolute palace. Over 80,000 pack it every game day, and from the inside, you can't ask for anything more. The brown stone on the outside is gorgeous, but the sea of red that fills it on game days have made it what it is today.

Tunnel Walk. There's no more goosebump-inducing entrance in the Big 12. Players walk the red carpet through a line of fans to The Alan Parsons Project's Eye in the Sky while a video of past Husker legends fires up the fans in the stands. When they run through the stone gates in the corner of the stadium, you know it's time for some great football.

Throwing the bones. It's an individual celebration, but at the same time, a nod to all the greats that came before them. It's great to see any time a Blackshirt throws them in a game after a big play.

Lazlo's. It's delicious. Fire up a steak once you head to Lincoln, Big Ten fans.

The red balloons. A little bit hokey? Maybe. But you won't find it anywhere but Nebraska. It's unmistakable. Every game, the first time the Huskers score, a flood of red, helium-filled balloons fill the sky after being released by fans.

The multi-turf at Memorial Stadium. I'm a sucker for it. Deal with it. It looks cool, and nobody else in the Big 12 has it.

So that's my list. What will you miss?