A little love for every Big 12 team

We asked you to provide a few things you love about your team last week, and you answered in a big way. It was a little difficult to pare down all the responses, but here's why you guys love your respective teams.

Eathan in Manhattan, Kan., writes: The one thing I love most about my Wildcats is the overwhelming feel of family. We are allowed the best seats for students. The school puts emphasis in alum and fan relations and makes sure they are happy. K-State is a family and you feel at home when you step on Wildcat soil.

Matt Kuhns in Lakewood, Ohio, writes: Love about the Cyclones: Being "the cyclones." Lots of bulldogs, large cats and predatory birds in sports; not many tornadoes. So at least we've got that!

mhbtiger in KC, Mo., writes: My favorite tradition is the MIZZOU to TIGERS during pregame. The band makes the transition during the Fight Song. And speaking of...I like how we have 2 songs that fit together so nicely..A close 2nd is the Missouri Waltz at the end of the 3rd Q. Go! Fight! Win! TIGERS!!!

Tanner D. in Huntsville, Ala., writes: The things I love most about Oklahoma are Bob Stoops (not our first great coach), and seeing our players wear the Golden Hat Trophy after beating Texas.

Patrick Woo in State College, Penn., writes: About my Texas Longhorns, I LOVE...the burnt orange, Bevo, the logo, the success, but most importantly how Mack Brown and others conduct themselves and the class they do with it. Those are the people in the world that you should admire.I am FIRED up for 2011 and I love absolutely love Bryan Harsin. TEXAS is my life, but I'll admit I was riding the Boise Bus in 2010 and now we have Harsin.

Matt in Texas writes: I love the way oklahoma absolutely buries everybody at home, even top 5 teams! I just wish they could do it on the road...this is an abusive relationship.

Alex in Dallas writes: I love that our school, Baylor, lets the freshmen on the field to celebrate with the team before the game! Nowhere else can say that!

Dan in Dallas writes: What's my favorite thing about Iowa State: The story of Jack Trice, who Iowa State is named after. Amazing letter he wrote to himself the night before he died from injuries at the football game the next day. Great story here.

Tommy B in Stillwater, Okla., writes: I think one of the best atmospheres is at Boone Pickens Stadium. Where else is the student section no more than a few feet away from the field with paddles banging on mats the whole game? As former Texas A&M coach Jackie Sherrill once said, "I always hated playing in Stillwater because the crowd is right on top of you. The fans sit right on top of the field. You turn around and there is a fan in your face." Better tell Landry Jones not to turn around this year....

Jesse in KC writes: I love that we have a coach the whole school can get behind now, and have faith in, even if the first year was kind of tough: Turner Gill!

Josiah in Houston writes: David, gotta say love the blog. i've been an Aggie fan since they day i was born and i gotta say the thing i love most about my team is waching the team saw varsity's horns off after a win.

Drew in Austin writes: I love the burnt orange and white, the thundering roar of the crowd, the eyes of Texas, Texas fight, cannon shots after Texas touchdowns, old friends you see every football season, the overall aura of Saturdays at the DKR, it just doesn't get any better than that. I love the Red Out Around the World video Nebraska launched, and then proceeded to get beat yet again by a Texas team that history will show was inferior. What a beautiful way to send Nebraska out of the Big 12. 9-1 in Big 12 play against Nebraska.

Brian McCandless in Manhattan, Kan., writes: My absolute favorite things about K-State are the two things that I believe are the most unique as well. First is the Wabash Cannonball. There's nothing like watching the student section perform this mind-boggling back-and-forth dance that harks back to a fire that burned down the music building. The only surviving piece of music was the Wabash Cannonball and the band played it a lot for the basketball game following the fire. Thus the dance.The other is Willie the Wildcat doing K-S-U. Not only is Willie very unique with only a head as part of his costume, but performing the letters to the chant of the crowd is one of the more spine-tingling moments for every game - especially when we beat KU or Nebraska and it feels so good.K! S! U! Wildcats! K! S! U! Wildcats! Kaaaaaay! Essssssssssss! Uuuuuuuuuu! Wildcats!Go Cats!

Patrick Jeter in College Station, Texas, writes: What isn't there to love about Texas A&M, more-so now that our football team is on the verge of being truely great this season. From the Corps of Cadets marching in, Revielle on the sidelines, and who can forget the yells (along with Yell Practice)?!I believe that is what sets us apart from almost any other school in the country, win or lose we are there until the final minute yelling our heads off, when most fans would bail.

Adam Dalby in Louisville, Ky., writes: Three thingsI love about Texas Tech: 1) Always have a winning record/in a bowl game...even during rebuilding years. 2) TTU's Under Armour deal. Unquestionably the coolest jersey's and I am definitely unsurpassed with my alma mater workout attire at the gym. 3) Gameday in the LBK.

Garrett Morgan in Austin writes: I am a Red Raider who grew up in Austin and left for Lubbock to attend Texas Tech. I never thought that I would cheer for any team other than the Longhorns growing up here, but after a year in Lubbock I was bleeding red and black. I always loved our all black uniforms and the way that the city with a small town feel rallied behind their team during the high and low times. To this day I never get more pumped than on a Red Raider football Saturday.

Russell in Norwalk, Iowa, writes: I love Paul Rhoads as head coach of the Iowa State Cyclones. I loved Mac, but Rhoads may take over as the greatest Cyclone football coach in my life.

Ben in San Antonio writes: Harrell to Crabtree......TOUCHDOWN Red Raiders!