Mike Gundy really is a Justin Bieber fan

Mike Gundy went down in YouTube history for a second time in his career this week when his cell phone coincidentally went off during a press conference and blared the Justin Bieber hit, "Baby."

Days earlier, a YouTube video of the teen pop icon surfaced with Gundy's infamous "I'm a man! I'm 40" rant as his ringtone.

The two were forever intertwined via ringtone.

Asked if he was a fan of Bieber on Monday, he replied, "I am now."

He was kidding. Sort of.

Just don't expect him to patrol practices with "One Less Lonely Girl" blasting over the loudspeakers.

"I didn’t know a lot about him. Obviously, there’s a considerable age difference," Gundy told ESPN.com this week. "Now, I have sons that are teenagers and they all have girlfriends and things like that, so they all know about him."

After seeing the video, Gundy did some homework and read up on the shiny-haired heartthrob.

"I like what the guy’s all about. He’s squared away," Gundy said. "And he conducts himself in the right way -- not that I’m there to judge anybody, but I just kind of like what he stands for."

Gundy thought the sudden attention was a chance to have some fun, resulting in the stunt at Monday's press conference. Monday, he joked that he'd like Bieber to purchase a suite in Boone Pickens Stadium.

Tuesday, he quipped that he planned to recruit the 16-year-old, who stands a shade over five-foot tall. Of course, if he can't play for the Cowboys, that doesn't mean he can't make an appearance at Boone Pickens Stadium next season.

"Nobody would like for him to become a Cowboy fan more than me," Gundy said.