Fans weigh in on Big 12 schedule change

We got a lot of response to the Big 12's recent announcement regarding scheduling.

Texas and Texas A&M will stay on Thanksgiving, but Texas will play an additional game against Baylor on Championship Weekend, ending the tradition of the Aggies and Longhorns ending their respective seasons against one another.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will also play on championship weekend.

I don't feel strongly one way or another, but Bedlam was one of the first games that came up when it came to championship weekend. Moving that will be good for both schools and the league. I'd be shocked if there weren't major Big 12 title implications heading into that game. In a perfect world, it could be two undefeated teams playing for a spot in the title game, a de facto Big 12 Championship game anyway. Perhaps more likely is Oklahoma State playing spoiler from a spot in the top 15 to a top 5 Oklahoma team. We'll see.

Fans had a lot more to say about Texas and Texas A&M. Choosing Baylor as the Dec. 3 opponent was likely the result of convenience for both sides, but fans overwhelmingly supported keeping it on Thanksgiving. Logistically, I think there are problems with hosting a game on campus on Thanksgiving, but it hasn't been a problem for 60 or so occasions, so I'll shut up, I guess. Fans that go to games seem to love the tradition. Playing on Saturday can't come close to topping the national exposure that comes with playing one of college football's best rivalries on ESPN on a holiday night.

Here's what you had to say:

James in Fairborn, Ohio, wrote: I am really disappointed in the decision to change 110 years of tradition with regards to the UT/A&M game. I'm glad it's still on Thanksgiving but it has been each team's last regular season game since 1900. I would almost prefer it be moved to December to keep it as the last game for each. I think the only people who are happy about this are the Baylor Bears. And even they're probably uneasy about the change.

Scott Marlow in Fort Worth, Texas, wrote: The game has such a great tradition of playing over the Thanksgiving Day holiday. I remember very well as a child attending the game on Thanksgiving and how the holiday revolved around that game. I also remember family touch football games in the front yard after a big Thanksgiving Day meal and then everyone coming inside to watch the big game. I would like my children to have these same memories as they grow up. Just like the tradition of the Dallas Cowboys playing on Thanksgiving, the annual A&M/Texas game should always be played over the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Chef in Austin, Texas, wrote: I'm all for keeping the A&M rivalry on Thanksgiving but choosing Baylor over Tech for the Dec. 3rd game seems like a mistake to me... Texas already has a budding rivalry with Tech, and I would be shocked if Baylor puts out consistently better teams than Tech over the next 15-50 years.

Casey H in College Station, Texas, wrote: Honestly if you are not a current/former Aggie or Longhorn then its irrelevant what you think about us not moving it from Thanksgiving. None of y'alls business how our two schools run our rivalry, regardless if it makes the Big "12" more money on TV that weekend. How about some other schools step up and get their own rivals "ahem" Texas Tech.

Sheldon Jones in College Station, Texas, wrote: I think it's great that the game will continue to be on Thanksgiving. As you know, A&M is built on traditions and I'm glad to see this one stick around. I'm fine with t.u. have another game after ours, I don't think it will change the intensity of the rivalry at all. Just means t.u. will have one more loss going into their final game! Whoop!

Justin Hancock in Chengdu, China, wrote: Can't see the game being moved from Thanksgiving. Too many memories, too many diehard traditionalists, just not gonna happen. As far as the t-sips scheduling Baylor in December is concerned though, to be fair, last season was the first time in a long time that they had to view the Showdown as the final game of their season. Maybe the Ags should consider a game in December as a reminder to look past the rivalry occasionally. Thanks and gig 'em.

Ryan in Waco, Texas, wrote: Texas-A&M must stay on Thanksgiving. It moved off for awhile and when it was finally moved back everyone I know who had ties to the game was ecstatic. The interesting part is Texas' decision to put a game after. This diminishes the game somewhat as in past seasons this game has been a make or break, the exclamation point or ellipses. Now there's a back up plan. However, I'm certain this security blanket is probably a money move gaining another game to be televised when other teams from other conferences will be on byes due to a conference championship. If this is the case its great for Baylor both financially and for exposure.

Jamie in Dallas wrote: I'm a Baylor fan, but I'll weigh in on the UT-aTm-BU situation. If I'm a UT fan, this is a win-win. The Thanksgiving game is their highest visibility game of the year, maybe Red River excepted. They get to keep it on Thanksgiving, but they still get a late-season presence by playing Baylor Dec. 3. There may be a few old school fans who dislike not playing A&M the last game of the year, but they'll get over it.

Chris in Abilene, Texas, wrote: Now that it's been decided, I'm a little surprised at my response, but it didn't bother me that the texas-Baylor game is the last game of the year. I'm glad A&M and texas are still playing on Thanksgiving. I guess that was more important to me.

David Correa in Dallas wrote: Dubbs, as a Baylor Alum, I like the move. We needed a bye week to help with the new scheduling format. Baylor is a program on the rise, and this stand alone game will also be a great way to showcase what's happening in Waco. Also, keeping the Tech game on Thanksgiving weekend, we have another stand alone game and all of this helps turn heads, and hopefully brings more recruits to Baylor.

Nate in Tyler, Texas wrote: The Big XII made the right move in keeping the UT/A&M game on T-day. The game being the last conference game for us isn't the most important thing by any means. It's all about being in that spotlight. (Especially if the NFL hasn't gotten its act together)

Marilyn in San Antonio wrote: I have mixed opinions about the Lone Star Showdown. I like that they kept in on Thanksgiving, but at the same time it seems to have lost some meaning. While it may not matter this upcoming season, if A&M can keep improving into a contender and Texas returns to it's usual form, the game could come down to a decisive battle for the Big 12 championship. Do you think that having one or both of the teams playing after that would take away some of the edge?