Talking Big 12 stability, celebration rule, etc.

Thanks for all the questions once again today. Great chat. Here's the full transcript if you missed it. Didn't get your question in? Drop yours in my mailbag.

And a few highlights:

Dan in Philly asked: who's the best offensive lineman in the league?

David Ubben: Nate Solder has been that guy for a couple years, but since he left, I'd probably go with Levy Adcock at Oklahoma State. Luke Joeckel at A&M should be a good one, though. He's definitely on his way to a nice career.

Ben in Kansas asked: David, all this talk about how stable the big 12 is now that the new contract never seems to address the in the increased inequality both within conference and eventually between conferences (the bottom of the big ten/SEC will continue to make more than the bottom of the big 12.) The argument that all these teams need to do is win to make more money is inherently flawed because each year in the Big 12 it becomes tougher and tougher for the bottom teams to beat the top 2. Look at the situation now where Texas's assistant coaches are payed almost on par with some head coaches. This can only lead to a lopsided conference that will get overlooked in the championship games in the future.

DU: I'm not sure about that. People want to talk about inequality, but it's not that much of a difference. I've said it tons of times. The importance of unequal revenue sharing is way, way overstated. And it's not like teams like Iowa State, Kansas State or Baylor have terrible facilities that aren't good enough to compete. Equal revenue sharing doesn't seem to help Kentucky football in the SEC or Indiana football in the Big Ten. The people that want to equate equal revenue sharing with parity are using faulty logic. Get the right coach in place, start recruiting well and you start winning games.

Brendan in Lawrence asked: I'm an optimist, I'm also a KU football fan. With some key O-line players returning and recent additions, is it safe to say at least one of our RB's will have a good season? Also, why isn't there much talk about QB recruit Michael Cummings being in the running when he gets here? It's not like Webb or Mecham have set the bar very high.. Is Berglund that much better than everyone else that he very well could come into Lawrence this fall as a freshman and take over? I'm expecting a much better performance this year (I'm a realist, though), and another step closer to relevance.

DU: Yeah, I think James Sims will have a good year. I'm excited to see Darrian Miller, though. He's got a lot of buzz. As for the QB situation, there's a lot of talk about Berglund. He's going to be a bit behind the others when he starts practice this fall, but the feeling is his upside is far superior to anyone else currently on the roster.

Steve in Moore, OK asked: Based on your interview with Kevin Sweeney, how confident are you the conference will thrive (survive)?

DU: I'm pretty confident, but it seems pretty lonely over here on this side of the fence. I'll be examining that issue a lot more in the coming week or so. It's fascinating to me... and I hope others.

Andrew in College Station asked: When the Big 12 signed it deal with FOX, they left money on the table so 3rd tier rights could be pursued individually or collectively. How much more could the conference have gotten if they gave FOX 2nd and 3rd tier? And do you think most schools will be able to get that money back selling 3rd tier rights on their own? It seems unlikely since ESPN doesn't really seem interested in paying Baylor or Iowa State 20 million dollars for them like Texas.

DU: My sense is it wasn't very much. The Big 12 seemed confident the money schools could get from a concerted effort to monetize those rights would be greater than what they would get from Fox, who would be more focused on maximizing what they got out of the second-tier rights. Now, schools have a lot of motivation to put some work into marketing and monetizing those third-tier rights. It's an interesting approach.

Kevin in Reno, Nev. asked: After OU-FSU, is TAMU-Arkansas the biggest OOC game for the Big XII?

DU: That's my pick. Missouri-ASU should be pretty good, too. Probably two top 25 teams there.

LonghornDaniel in Cypress, Texas asked: how come the big 12 can't get TCU?

DU: For the 1,000,000th time, you've phrased that question wrong. The question is, why can't TCU get in the Big 12? The answer is they offer nothing new to the Big 12, have poor facilities, no alumni base and wouldn't bring in enough money to warrant what they would get in conference revenues by being given membership.

Amy in Oklahoma asked: With as much grief as the Big 12 officials have garnered, especially over the last season, how often do you foresee the new excessive celebration penalty being used? It's just a matter of time before a major game is decided by one of these calls. When that happens and the chaos ensues, do you think they'll revisit the rule?

DU: Sweet sassy, this rule isn't even on the field yet, and I can't tell you how much I already hate it. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Who even decided this was a good idea? Since when has college football been plagued by excessive celebrations? Call me when guys start whipping out Sharpies to sign balls or make cell phone calls from the end zone. Sheesh. Pointless, and a controversy waiting to happen.