Cotton Bowl set for prime-time kickoff for 2011 game

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

The AT&T Cotton Bowl announced a new four-year contract with FOX Sports that will bring the game into prime time for its 2011 bowl after next season.

The game will be played Jan. 7, 2011, at 8 p.m. ET in the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The Cotton Bowl's current contract with the Big 12 and Southeastern conferences expires after the upcoming season. But I would be greatly surprised if the Big 12 chose to move its No. 2 team -- and in effect its first team outside the BCS -- anywhere but to the Cotton Bowl.

I still think the Cotton Bowl would be an ideal Central Time Zone addition if the BCS decided to add a fifth site to its annual rotation of bowls. But that will depend on having enough money to be competitive with the other bowls who are already included in the BCS.

I doubt we would have ever seen a nighttime game at the Cotton Bowl in its old location in Fair Park in Dallas. Playing at night makes a lot of sense to show off the bowl's new digs at the mind-boggling new stadium.

But I'm wondering what will ever happen to the old Cotton Bowl press buffet before their morning games. Nothing quite hit the spot like that filling breakfast they used to always provide before those games.

We can only hope that tradition -- along with the black-eyed peas -- follows them to their new home.