Talking ND vs. Texas, QBs, destination jobs

Thanks for all the questions. Didn't get yours answered? Send it to my mailbag and you might see it here tomorrow. Here's a few highlights from today's chat.

Michael in MHK asked: Is there really a chance Tate Forcier heads to k-state? If so, when would he be eligible and do you think he would make an immediate impact?

David Ubben: I don't think it'll happen, but it's still possible. I definitely think he could make an impact. It's an imperfect comparison, but Ryan Mallett was hardly a world-beater at Michigan before he transferred to Arkansas. Forcier would be eligible for the 2012 season.

James in Atlanta, Ga. asked: In light of all the talk about "destination" schools to coach at in the basketball world recently, which Big XII schools would you call coaching football a "destination"

DU: Well, you can't define that so much with a program as much as the marriage between a coach and a program. Is Missouri a "destination" job? Probably not for most. But Gary Pinkel says it is for him.

The same goes for OSU and its alum coach, Mike Gundy, who called it his "New York Yankees" job. Les Miles didn't see it that way.

Iowa native Paul Rhoads will be harder to pry away from ISU than Gene Chizik was. UT and OU are the only obvious destination jobs, with maybe A&M coming in right behind them. But it depends on the coach you hire. Different people see different jobs in different ways. That shouldn't be a surprise.

Dennis in Irving, Texas asked: Ubben: Do you think the potential pitfall regarding the OC having to learn the offense at OSU, (versus vice versa) is overblown?

DU: I don't think anybody knows whether it's overblown or people aren't making enough of it. We haven't seen this in a long time, maybe ever. Our resident CFB historian, Ivan Maisel, couldn't recall another similar situation. It's definitely a question mark, but how big of one? We'll find out this fall.

John in Denton asked: Hey David, Love the blog.What do you think Tim Deruyter's future loks like at A&M? Do you think that he could be given a "Muschamp-esque" head coach in waiting position - because that worked out so well, or do you think he will take a head job elsewhere in the near future - assuming his defense continues to improve?

DU: Hot-button issue there. A&M fans get pretty defensive about him, but I think he'll be there a couple more years and leave for a pretty good head coaching job. He'd be best served by grabbing a job at a good program just outside of a major conference. He needs to go somewhere he can win, rather than jump to a low-level BCS program. It's a bad example, but think Tulsa. Somewhere on that level.

Jacob H in the Navy asked: When will Longhorns stop using the "Mack didn't offer" line when comparing recruiting classes? Cause you know the only reason I'm not married to Jennifer Aniston is cause I never offered.

DU: Ha. It's kind of funny, actually. I just find it interesting that A&M fans are so bent on comparing their class to Texas. Get your players. Develop them. Win. Who cares?

Grant T in Adkins, Texas asked: Ubben, Do you think that Phil Bennett has the players on hand to make a defensive turn-around at Baylor similar to that of A&M's last season? If so, who has to be the impact players to take on the several formidable Big12 offenses??

DU: He doesn't have quite as much talent as A&M had, but he's got enough for them to be pretty good next year. Tevin Elliott and Ahmad Dixon are young guys with the most upside. Prince Kent should be a nice player, too.

Jake in Austin asked: I think you guys are making too big a deal about Tanehill at A&M. His performance against LSU was pretty unimpressive, and LSU made it pretty obvious how to beat that offense. What do you think?

DU: I don't buy that. His numbers were OK, but LSU had one of the best defenses in the country. Sure, it's obvious how to beat that offense: Have Patrick Peterson and Drake Nevis. We'll see who all in the Big 12 can do that this year. You want to blame someone for the loss, blame Jordan Jefferson inexplicably destroying the secondary with Tolliver and Michael Hodges going out early with a knee injury. 24 points against that defense is pretty good. Nobody seemed to mind when the offense didn't score a touchdown against Nebraska.

... People seem to want to call him overrated without realizing all his numbers came in the thick of the conference schedule against a bunch of good defenses, with no prior experience. News flash: He is only going to get better. And his receivers are some of the best in the league.

Mike in NYC asked: Dave, im sick of all this T.V. contract crap. Notre Dame is the only team that has their own contract. Why? Because they are "Americas Team." Texas thinks their Notre Dame and their not.

DU: I think Notre Dame thinks they're "Notre Dame" and they're not. Texas is quite a bit closer, but the timing of last year's collapse could not have been worse.

Fan who was born after 1980 in Everywhere wrote: Notre Dame has not been consistently good in my lifetime. It's time for them to lose the superiority complex, and all the benefits that came with it.

DU: You must not have seen their dominance in the Sun Bowl. If beating a team in El Paso without a head coach doesn't announce to the world that you're back, I don't know what does.

Mike in NYC asked: Notre Dame can afford to be mediocre, which they have been for 10 years and still survive. Texas has one bad year and look out. It just shows how special and unique ND is. Mediocre and still the biggest name in College Football. Period.

DU: Mike speaks the truth, despite the haters! Some truth to that, yes. But there are a lot more Catholics in America than Longhorn fans. That helps.