Fans (try) weighing in with new Big 12 name

Earlier this week, the Big 12 essentially decided that its brand was too strong to change its name, despite getting a trim from 12 teams to 10 last summer, a change that goes into effect next year.

I agreed with the decision, but I thought I'd ask you. My guess was about 70-30 in support of the move, but here's how you voted.

Do you agree with the Big 12's decision to keep its name?

  • Yes -- 60 percent

  • No -- 40 percent

Fair enough. But like I've said since last summer, the options for the league, in terms of a new name, are few. My personal favorite, The Big 12ish, won't be happening anytime soon, but I believe in the power of crowdsourcing.

So, to both a) get suggestions about what the league should have done, and; b) prove my point about the Big 12 having no options I asked you. Here's what you had to say. I hope we can all agree by the end of this terrible, terrible exercise.

Mike in Chariton, Iowa wrote: I think a new name would be good if u are staying with the 10 teams.I thought of a few new names.

  • Great Plains League

  • Central Midwest 10

  • Midwest Ten

My take: Nope. Terrible. Anything like these names sound like the Big 12 has been relegated to the NAIA.

Scott in Stillwater wrote: The Big XII automatically has a negative connotation with it now that it has lost two teams and was on the verge of total collapse. Why not use this opportunity to come up with a new/more powerful name that could represent a strong and growing brand that is here to stay?

My take: I actually agree with that. The knee-jerk reaction by most around the country when they hear "Big 12" is a negative one, and one that reminds people of the near-collapse last summer. But when the options are as bleak as they are ...

Jay in Norman wrote: Not a huge fan of the misnomer name, but its not like it is unprecedented. Big 10 is the obvious example, but even our months are mis-named - October = 8th month, November = 9th month, December = 10th month. It all got messed up when the two Ceasars added months for themselves (July and August). As for new names:

  • Conference of the Great Plains

  • The Heartland Conference

  • The Heartland Hodgepodge

  • The Cost of Living Conference

  • The Mediocre Markets Conference

  • Texas and the 9 Sycophants

  • If it weren't for Missouri's lack of loyalty we wouldn't be here Conference

  • The Real Big 10

  • The Big 10 was Taken Conference

My take: A big list, sure. But what it had in quantity and comedy, it lacked in quality. Moving on ...

John in Austin wrote: I say we call it the Big 8. Numerical accuracy obviously isn't important (see the Big 10's operating model), the brand already exists (even if it has to be pulled out of a dark closet and dusted off), and what's the old saying ... everything old is new once again? Yeah.

My take: A reader from Austin would be into going retro. I suppose you'd support the league mandating all recorded PA announcement audio be played over vinyl, too.

Josh in Kansas City wrote: South Central Conference

My take: Well, the league wouldn't have to worry about anyone being a menace to it while drinking its juice in the hood.

Matt Snively in Houston wrote: I'd rather see the Big 12 become the "Big X" Conference. Keeps the roman numeral alive for logo purposes, sounds good, and is numerically correct. What's so good about the Big 12 name anyway? Unless you're counting Texas as three schools based on the insane amount of revenue they generate, clinging to the idea that we're 12 of anything is the kind of backwards thinking that let this situation happen in the first place.

My take: I actually like trying to brand around the "X," but it's not good enough to warrant a switch.

John in Dallas asked: As much as many would like to totally write-off the SWC as a thing of the past, a name that makes sense (both geographically, and traditionally) would be the "Southwest Conference".

My take: I'm sure Iowa State, Missouri, Kansas and Kansas State would love that.

Miles in Austin, Texas asked: Regarding the conference renaming possibilities... The I-35 Conference. Big South Conference. Big West Conference. I don't freakin know, something that doesnt hinge on a number given the instability in college football.

My take: Getting away from numbers is a prudent desire, but it's a little late. And I-35 is reaching a little bit. Sounds like a nickname for a high school division.