Talking noncon skeds, Huskers-Beebe, UT

A little late on this, but here's a look at yesterday's chat if you missed it.

If your question didn't get answered, we'll have a Mailbag later on, so let's hear your thoughts for this week.

And a few highlights:

Kevin in Texas asked: After dropping TCU from the schedule, playing New Mexico, Texas State, and Nevada (without Kaepernick), Texas Tech has one of the worst Non-conference schedules in recent memories. I was curious;, if you could control the Red Raiders non conference schedule, what teams would you choose for them to play? Could they actually form a rivalry with someone?

David Ubben: Yeah, I think people get too riled up about nonconference schedules. Unless you're playing for national titles, it's a bit overrated. I don't think I'm offending anyone by suggesting a national title is not in Tech's future this year. Tech has a rep for not playing BCS teams, but it hasn't had just terrible nonconference schedules. Houston and SMU are pretty good teams. Those are the ones it should look to develop a rivalry with. All the Texas teams have an advantage of not having to go far to find good nonconference games. Those C-USA teams in Texas are good nonconference games to schedule. I know some fans would love to go all alpha male and have their teams play Alabama, Ohio State and USC/Oregon every year, but unless you're jockeying for national titles, what do you gain? Not a whole lot, in my opinion. Call it a problem with college football, but the cost outweighs the benefit.

Dillon in Los Angeles asked: Lovely article about Nebraska's upgrade to the B10, and Babee's jilted jabs toward the venerable TO. Could you please clarify for all of your readers the difference between "revenue distribution" and "assigning rights". They are, I'm sure you know, two entirely different things. Specifically, Perlman asked Texas to assign all their media rights to the Big 12, which they wouldn't do. That has nothing to do with revenue distribution. Also, Husker Nation is honored to be covered in two ESPN blogs! Thanks Ubbie!

DU: Yeah, you pretty much covered it. The Big 12 is the only league where teams retain their third-tier media rights not bought by TV networks. The league takes control of those in the Big Ten and SEC, and now, the Pac-12. Revenue distribution doesn't have anything to do with that, but in the Big 12's case, specifically Texas vs. everyone else, it can cause further inequality between who is making the most money. When you stand to gain $15 million every year like Texas could, why in the world would you want to allow the Big 12 to keep your rights?

Jim in Grand Junction, Colo. asked: David: You actually take anything Beebe says about Nebraska seriously? Come on. His remarks about the Huskers just continue to make him look more petty and weaker. Nebraska's departure had nothing to do with revenue sharing - it did have to do with Nebraska staying in a league in which all major members were threatening to depart yet put the burden of comittment to them. Dan Beebe needs to grow up and take a job where immaturity doesn't hurt.

DU: Here's the fact of the matter: Beebe, the Big 12 and everyone from Nebraska can act like they've moved on all they want. Fact is, both still care about what happens to the other very much. It's why whenever Nebraska remarks about him, or he remarks about them, it becomes a big deal. And its why they say anything in the first place. It's going to be this way for at least a few years. Get used to it.

(An additional note: Why do you think no one ever talks about Colorado?)

Shane in Boston asked: I'm making the trip to Arlington for the A&M-Arkansas game, any recommendations for some quality BBQ while I'm in Texas?

DU: Sorry, nope. This is my No. 1 complaint about Dallas. I've tried about 7-8 BBQ places, and none of them are even close to my top 10. It's unbelievable.

Sterling Archer in Texas asked: What are your thoughts on the Longhorn network? Do you anticipate success? And are any other big 12 schools likely to try the same thing?

DU: I think it'll be a success, yes. Oklahoma may try, but they keep hedging a bit on making it happen. My guess is the other nine teams in the Big 12 eventually make a network.

Charles in South Texas asked: David,Since you can predict the future. I think Mendenhall is a pretty good coach. What's your thoughts on UT vs BYU outcome ?

DU: Yeah, he really impressed me. Watching them knock off Oklahoma in 2009, Bradford or otherwise, was a real eye-opener. Right now, I'd probably pick BYU in that one.