Talking UT hate, Big 12 rank, QB rankings

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Here's a few highlights:

Garrett in Dallas asked: Just how good can Oklahoma State be this season?

David Ubben: Could, within reason, go undefeated and play for a national title. I think they'll lose 1-2 games, but I don't think any team in the preseason top 10-15 would surprise too many folks by running the table.

Jacob H in US Navy asked: I thought Baylor was pretty low on your QB rankings, you selling your RGIII stock?

DU: Absolutely not. Robert Griffin III is a game-changer, but outside of the Missouri game in 2009, I wasn't very impressed with what Nick Florence did, and behind him, it's a bit sketchy. I gave Tech a small nod based on its depth. Karam and Doege both look like Big 12 starters, and the two behind them are really, really promising.

Griffin is still going to be No. 3 on my eventual QB rankings.

David in Temple, Texas, asked: Why do the Aggies and Hogs insist on playing in Arlington in the long term? Each team has a sizable stadium on campus. Surely after paying the bills and splitting the profits, more money is to be made in a home-and-home scenario. Not to mention the atmosphere is far superior at the home fields compared to Jerry's soulless personal palace?

DU: Because they're getting paid big bucks to do it, and having a game in Dallas is a huge deal. Both schools have huge alumni bases in Dallas, and bringing a game to your boosters is always a good idea. Also, why would a program not want to play a game at the best football stadium in the world? Arkansas and A&M have great stadiums, but one game a year there is a fantastic idea. Great series for both teams.

Both teams receive $5 million annually for playing that game. That's almost as much as a bowl payout, and more than some.

It's also more money than Texas and Oklahoma get ($4.7 million) for playing in the Cotton Bowl. So, that should answer your question.

Corey in NYC asked: David: Who do you think is the most hated team in College Football?

DU: I was talking to a friend about this over the weekend, actually. Notre Dame is always going to have people railing on them for being annually overrated, but I've never, ever seen the almost universal hatred for Texas reach the levels it has in the past year. The combination of the Longhorns pulling most of the strings in realignment, plus the new network, right before plummeting to a 5-7 season all of a sudden makes people forget that a lot of the attention and money Texas has earned was exactly that, earned. One year doesn't erase that.

Of course, the fans I hear from seem to disagree. TEXAS IS TERRIBLE AND HAS NEVER BEEN GOOD! RABBLE RABBLE! TELEVISION!

Hot Rod Rowdy Piper in Scotland asked: If you are the most hated then you must be doing something right.Use my comment Ubben or ill slap the sleeper hold on you!

DU: There's something to that. I don't see a lot of people hating on Duke football. It's not like Texas is doing things to make people hate them. This isn't 1980s Miami we're talking about.

Joe Griffioen in Belmond asked: As far as hating Texas, maybe expecting the Iowa States of the world to guarantee your revenue might be a factor. Texas is too piggish to realize a balanced league brings in more revenue for everyone.

DU: That's debatable. And since when is it an AD's job to make sure the rest of the conference's tide rises? Texas wouldn't make $15 million/year if it packaged its media rights in with the rest of the Big 12. I assure you that.

Ryan in Dallas asked: Texas - Piggish! The reason we still have a Big 12 is Texas stepping up and keeping it in place.

DU: Lots of truth to that. I'll duck now while the A&M fans chuck things at the screen screaming about their flirtations with the SEC throwing a wrench into the creation of the Pac-16.

Grant R in Columbia asked: I must be missing something... what's changed about A&M to propel them from being a 9-4 team last year, to being a possible contender for the championship.

DU: Switched QBs and went 5-1 with Ryan Tannehill [note: with wins over two top 10 teams]. Plus, they return everybody but two linebackers, a defensive lineman and their center. Plus, they have the best RB duo in the league and maybe the country. How's that?

Chip in LA, CA asked: With OU, OSU and A&M looking to make a run at the National Championship, is it safe to say the new look Big 12 will be able to compete with the SEC in regards to the best overall conference? Or is the rest of the conference too middle of the road or less?

DU: Maybe. It'll depend on if somebody runs the table. But with Ohio State's free fall, I think it's clear that for 2011, the Big 12 has surpassed the Big Ten.