Cowboys advance to ESPYs second round

Brodrick Brown and Shaun Lewis' tag-team interception (side note: I feel pretty good about what I wrote 10 minutes after it happened) has advanced to the round of 8 for the ESPY Award for "Best Play."

The Oklahoma State defenders knocked off MMA fighter Anthony Pettis' showtime kick in the first round, and advanced to face the voting tournament's No. 3 seed.

It's a tough draw.

They'll face a spectacular bicycle kick from one of the world's elite stars in that other game of football: Wayne Rooney. Honestly, I might have to vote for Rooney in this one, but fans who want to see a couple Big 12 players get some recognition on the big stage can go vote here.

Brown and Lewis' play, which I pegged as the best of the season earlier this week, is the No. 6 seed in the "Best Play" bracket,