Roundup: Rule change, Baylor heat, ESPY

I'm back in Dallas and the blog is back to full speed after a trip back home to SEC country. Here's a bit of what we missed while I was away:

Bronx Salute was not in vain

Adrian Hilburn is hardly a household name outside of Manhattan, Kansas, but he's helped usher in a change in officiating. The College Football officiating clinic was held in Kansas City this week, and though yours truly wasn't able to attend, I wish I had.

According to a variety of reports, officials have been told to cool it on celebration penalties, welcome news for college football fans who will deal with the possibility of points being taken off the board this year for touchdown celebrations that happen before a player crosses the goal line.

Said Walt Anderson, the Big 12 coordinator of officiating, on the Hilburn flag, now dubbed the "Bronx Salute":

"The rules committee realized the pendulum had swung too far," Anderson, the Big 12's coordinator of officiating, told his crews during a College Football Officiating clinic Saturday. "We ended up becoming the focal point of ‘C'mon, man' (on ESPN). If it's going to get us on ‘C'mon, man,' we don't want to make that call."

(Begrudging note: Somehow I left those officials off my own postseason "C'mon man!")

The bottom line, Ken Rivera, the Mountain West's version of Anderson, told The Oklahoman:

"Most coordinators thought they should not have made that call,” Rivera said. "We swung the pendulum ... officials started looking for things. The pendulum has swung back. Don't inject yourself into the game.

"In the past, the feeling was, when in doubt, call it. Now, it's just the opposite. When in doubt, don't call it."

I'll pause for you all to take some time and give Rivera and his officiating posse a standing ovation. (Until the first questionable call, anyway.)

Wayne Rooney outlasts Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State defenders Brodrick Brown and Shaun Lewis cracked the final eight for the ESPY for Play of the Year, but Wayne Rooney's classic bicycle kick KO'd the Cowboys in the second round of voting.

Rooney was the No. 3 seed in the 16-play tournament, and Brown and Lewis' acrobatic tag-team interception against Oklahoma was the No. 6 seed.

The Cowboys lost in fan voting, but hey, they were still the only college football players to crack the bracket, so that's something, even though the pair missed out on a trip to tonight's ESPY Awards in Los Angeles.

Baylor's season ticket promotion turns red-hot

Baylor earned a bit of national attention for its recent season-ticket promotion, which allowed fans to purchase season tickets for the same price as the high temperature in Waco on July 4.

Temperatures reached 101 degrees, so Baylor sold season-ticket packages for a week at $101.

The Bears sold 2,406 tickets at the admittedly gimmicky price, bringing their season-ticket total to over 14,000 for the upcoming season.