Answers arrive in Austin Box's death

The medical examiner's toxicology report on the death of Oklahoma linebacker Austin Box was released on Tuesday, nearly two months after Box's death.

It revealed he had five painkillers in his system at the time of his death, the combination of which likely caused his death.

Box, who had battled numerous injuries during his career, hadn't been prescribed any painkillers, but even at his funeral, pastor Wade Burleson cautioned those in attendance alluding to the possibility of this week's news.

"Until you walk a mile in a man's shoes, it's difficult to judge him," Burleson said on behalf of the Box family. "Rather than define Austin by his death, we're here to define him by his life."

Box's parents gave an emotional interview to The Oklahoman, and you can see more on it here, as well as the full toxicology report.

Box and his father went to St. Louis for four days just before his death, but his father said he didn't see him take anything besides "liquid Advil" and Box's parents said they don't believe he was addicted to painkillers and do not believe his death was a suicide attempt. Instead, they believe the mixture of painkillers was a "tragic mistake."

Craig and Gail Box, Austin's parents, released a statement in conjunction with the report's release, also revealing that his back injury before the 2010 season, a ruptured disc, resulted in him losing the feeling in his left foot. You can see all of their statement here.

"There is no greater pain than the loss of a child. The pain is intensified by knowing that the death of your child could have been prevented," the Boxes said in the release. "Austin was a young man who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. He was grateful for his many talents, and felt he must always live up to his gifts."