Oklahoma State's Bryant produces two TDs

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

STILLWATER, Okla. -- It was the kind of game that might have caused Dez Bryant to slide into frustration earlier in his career.

Bracketed by constant double coverage from a fearsome Georgia pass defense, Bryant never had a chance to get off the line of scrimmage without a bump or a well-timed forearm.

"When he was a freshman or the beginning of last year it might have," Oklahoma State quarterback Zac Robinson said. "I told him we could come to him. As long we win, I"ll be fine. Like any receiver, he wants the ball, but he wants to win, too."

On a day where his two offensive pass interference calls nearly matched his three receptions, Bryant came up big when his team needed. He grabbed a pair of touchdowns to help spark Oklahoma State's 24-10 victory over the Bulldogs.

It was the kind of game that Oklahoma State typically doesn't win when their offense has sputtered in the past. But Bryant, who ranked third in the nation in pass receiving yards and caught a higher percentage of his team's passes than any receiver in the Big 12, produced when his team needed him.

"I didn't play at my best," Bryant said. "The PIs, I wasn't sure about. But, forutnately we showed that the other 10 guys and the defense came through for me."

Bryant jump-started a slumbering Oklahoma State offense when they most needed it. His first catch of the game didn't come until about three minutes were left in the first half. He then made a leaping 46-yard grab two players to help account for the Cowboys' first points after punting on their first four possessions.

His next catch punctuated the victory with a 12-yard touchdown grab that helped put the game away.

The Cowboys' 24 points were the fewest points that they have scored in a victory since 2005. But both Bryant and Robinson know they will have to play better in the future, but they also ascribed their struggles to the Georgia defense.

"Offensively, we've got a lot of work on," Robinson said. "But we'll be fine. It was tough playing a good Georgia team. It was probably the best defense we'll play all season."