OU's Broyles, Stoops and Jones do Bristol

It was all about Oklahoma at ESPN's campus in Bristol, Conn., Friday, as quarterback Landry Jones, receiver Ryan Broyles and coach Bob Stoops visited.

Jones and Broyles shared a desk for a morning appearance on "SportsCenter" before heading outside to the football field for some work with ESPN Rise, where they revealed a trick play.

They came back inside for an appearance on "First Take" before doing radio shows and a podcast with Doug Gottlieb, Scott Van Pelt and Ivan Maisel.

The pair did a couple more spots on "SportsCenter" and a radio appearance on ESPN Dallas sandwiched around a live chat on ESPN.com.

Here are few highlights from the chat:

Parrish Aiguier in Midland, Texas asked: Landry what has been our favorite game that you have played in since coming to OU? Ryan same question to you

Landry Jones: My favorite game is always the OU-Texas game. That's my favorite to play in. It's fun.

Ryan Broyles: Not to be boring, but mine's pretty much the same.

Chris in Houston asked: The color orange, in any form, makes me wanna puke! Do you agree?

RB: My high school team was orange, so it's kind of ingrained in me. But when it's opposite of me, I am not a big fan.

LJ: My high school was orange too.

Dan Pacsoza in Columbus, Neb. asked: With Coach Wilson gone and Coach Heupel taking over will we see much changes on offense,and will we see more of the Diamond formation? Boomer Sooner!!!

LJ: Good question. We won't see much change in the offense. Just changes in the style of play calls.

RB: We won't be as conservative. Go down field more. But I don't think we'll see a lot of change.

David in Kabul, Afghanistan asked: Who wins in one on one basketball with you too? Boomer Sooner, Good Luck This Year Boys!

LJ: I do.

RB: We had a little tournament going and my team beat Landry's. We're supposed to win the championship game. My team against Landry's.

LJ: But one on one, do you want to go out on the court right now?

RB: But I played with Blake Griffin in AAU.

E-DOOM in Nebraska asked: For both. What is the toughest secondary in the Big 12

LJ: It was Nebraska.

RB: That's what I was going to say. Why? Because they had 6 DBs.

Timm Decker in Louisville, Kent. asked: What was a reason behind both of you came back this year besides winning the BCS?

LJ: For me, I really didn't have an option of leaving, I don't think. For me, it was pretty easy to come back and finish up my career.

RB: To finish up and graduate. Walk across the stage. The college atmosphere. Enjoy being a student.

Fall camp at Oklahoma kicks off on Aug. 4, but the trip to Bristol came just days after Big 12 Media Days, and served as a final look for fans before the Sooner chase the program's eighth national title, beginning with a game against Tulsa in Norman, Okla. on Sept. 3.

Here's a photo gallery of the trio's trip.