Yards to Glory: Baylor's famed disaster

Today, we begin a weeklong project looking at the most famous touchdowns from 100+ yards down to one yard, and we'll be taking a look at each of the Big 12 entrants on the blog throughout the week.

You can see the full project here.

Today, we start with the winner for college football's most famous 99-yard touchdown, one of the most disastrous plays in college football history and one of the most infamous plays in the history of Baylor football.

Sept. 11, 1999: This has to rank as one of the biggest coaching blunders in recent memory. Baylor led UNLV 24-21 with 20 seconds left in the game. The Bears had the ball at the UNLV 8-yard line. Take a knee, win the game. Instead, coach Kevin Steele called a run. Almost predictably, Darrell Bush fumbled near the goal line. Kevin Thomas picked up the ball and ran it back 99 yards to win the game.

-- Andrea Adelson