Yards to Glory: Longhorn disappointment

Today, we began a week-long project looking at the most famous touchdowns from 100+ yards down to one yard, and we'll be taking a look at each of the Big 12 entrants on the blog throughout the week.

You can see the full project here.

After taking a look at a Baylor disaster earlier today, it's time for a disappointing trip to the Cotton Bowl for Texas. (Hey, I promise there's some later on that don't go against a Big 12 team.)

The entrance for the most famous 87-yard touchdown in college football history dates all the way back to 1960, more than five decades ago.

Jan. 1, 1960: Syracuse closed out its undefeated national championship season with a 23-14 win over Texas in the Cotton Bowl. It was the second play of the game that set the tone for Syracuse. Quarterback Dave Sarette pitched out to halfback Ger Schwedes, who threw the ball to Ernie Davis downfield. Davis caught the ball, despite getting bumped as the pass arrived, and raced 87 yards for the score. At the time, it was the longest passing play in bowl history.

-- Andrea Adelson