Yards to Glory: Barry's legend grows

Monday we began a week-long project looking at the most famous touchdowns from 100+ yards down to one yard, and we'll be taking a look at each of the Big 12 entrants on the blog throughout the week.

You can see the full project here.

Barry Sanders' NFL career was abbreviated, but Wyoming surely wished his college career would have been the same after this game, which earned him our spot for the best 67-yard touchdown in college football history.

Dec. 30, 1988: Oklahoma State suited up for the Holiday Bowl against No. 15 Wyoming as the nation's No. 12 team, but Barry Sanders was too much for Wyoming to handle. The score was 17-7 at the half, but Sanders broke a 67-yard touchdown run as one of his four third-quarter scores and eventually finished with 222 yards and five touchdowns in the 62-14 win. That made life easy for his quarterback, current OSU coach Mike Gundy.

-- David Ubben