Talking Aggies/SEC, UT inferiority, future

Thanks for all the questions this week. Here's the full transcript of our weekly chat.

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And some highlights:

Greg in Omaha asked: What's been the reaction about Bo's comments on the officiating during the aTm game?

David Ubben: Not much. There's not much that's going to happen at this point. I don't buy it, but I do think Bo believes an official said something to that effect. Doesn't mean that's what an official meant, but Bo also realizes that his reactions during the game brought some of that on himself.

Bo Pelini in Nebraska asked: Is there a statute of limitations for my complaining about being shafted by Texas and the Big "whatever"?

DU: I don't think so, but in his defense, this wasn't a random rant. He was asked directly about it.

Mike Hale in South Austin, Texas asked: Which QB gives Texas the best shot at 9 victories this year Wood, McCoy or Gilbert? If Gilbert is unable to gain the trust of the players around him I see more internal issues arising as long as he continues to start...if that is the case. Whatchu know about them Texas Boyz!

DU: Every indication I've gotten is that Gilbert is the most vocal of the three quarterbacks, unlike the situation at Missouri, where Tyler Gabbert was a lot more vocal than James Franklin, which could have gotten awkward at some point. I don't think gaining his teammates' trust is going to be a problem for Gilbert. Everyone on that offense understands no one got it done last year.

Christopher in Houston asked: Is it football season yet?

DU: A little over four weeks. I can't wait.

Peter Terpstra in Columbia, Mo. asked: Mizzou historically always seems to be a let down in clutch moments. With last year's OU victory, what are the chances that the Tigers can finally bring everything together and land themselves in the Big 12 Championship game or better?

DU: Missouri could put it together, but I don't care what they do...there's zero chance Missouri gets to the Big 12 Championship game this year. I'd bet my life on it.

Damian in Utah asked: as of right now, who do you got between BYU vs Texas?

DU: Cougs.

Dan K. in Trophy Club asked: Has Tubs turned the corner on the recruiting trail in Lubbock?

DU: Certainly looks like it. He's brought in some big time guys almost immediately. Leon Mackey and Delvon Simmons are exciting players, and next year's class has big time receivers, including Dominique Wheeler. I'd expect the 2012 class to be the best ever for the Red Raiders, topping the 2011 class.

Jared in Texas asked: Can you hide your bias view a little better? From what I can tell your man crush on everything non-UT comes through in every chat you do...

DU: Sorry for not fawning over a five-win team with self-declared "entitlement" issues.

Travis in San Antonio asked: What is your favorite stadium in the big 12 and who do you think has the best game day atmosphere?

DU: Texas has the best stadium. Texas A&M has the best game day atmosphere.

Jonathan in Washington, D.C. asked: What exactly do you think it will take for A&M to get rid of the "little brother" perception with Texas?

DU: Not gonna happen. The inferiority complex with A&M toward Texas has intensified quite a bit over the past year, despite A&M clearly being the better football in that same span.

Luke in Pflugerville, Texas asked: Texas A&M seems to think someone cares if they bolt for the SEC....Texas doesn't. Realistically how do you think the Aggies would do...considering over the past 10 years they couldn't hold their own in the BIG 12

DU: Ha, let's not kid ourselves here. People care if Texas A&M leaves. I do think that could likely usher in the end of the Big 12 as we know it, and lots of folks care about that, Texas included, which would have some very difficult decisions to make if it happened. As for how Texas A&M would do in the SEC, I'd see them winning one conference title every 10-20 years.

When I say they would have trouble winning there, people want to make it seem like they'd be a cellar dweller. Not so. They'd win and go to bowl games consistently. But winning big? Not a good chance to do that consistently with the caliber of programs at the top of the SEC that are used to playing SEC-style football.