Talking Ags/SEC, B12 future ... and football!

Enjoyed having fun with you all in today's chat. Here's the full transcript. The world would be a better place if folks took themselves a bit less seriously. Just a note before we hit the highlights.

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Kipp in Austin asked: Why are Aggie fans ignoring the on-field implications of Texas A&M going to the SEC?

David Ubben: I don't think they are. I think A&M fans and the media in general just see the future in the SEC playing out differently. However, a word to the A&M faithful: Believing the entire world is against you is no way to go through life.

Mike in New Orleans asked: How will Josh Gordon's (WR) departure affect Baylor's team receiving options?

DU: Big hit. Big, big hit. I've been a big advocate for Gordon's talents all offseason, and he was due for a big year. He's an NFL-type talent with size you can't reproduce. Baylor's receiving corps is deep, but no question, they needed Gordon. Not good. (Post-chat note: I do think Baylor has had the advantage of knowing they would be without Gordon this year for a while. Just my two cents.)

W in Anaheim, Calif., asked: Assuming TAMU leaves for the SEC, K-State's AD Currie suggested the remaining Big XII members move proactively. Do you envision the remaining Big XII schools coming together to push Texas out and bring in some new schools to refill the ranks?

DU: Ha. No. The Big 12 should (futilely, but necessarily) try and talk Notre Dame and Arkansas into coming. Mostly just due diligence. But BYU is the first realistic option. If I had to guess, I think it will rebuff the Big 12's advances and the league would end up adding Houston out of necessity.

Francisco in Ogden, Utah asked: BYU to the Big 12?

DU: I think most of the fans across the Big 12 would wholeheartedly support that. (Post-chat note: Assuming Texas A&M leaves for the SEC.)

Charlie in Manhattan, Kansas asked: If the Big XII collapses and K-State goes to the MWC (as some have suggested), how would K-State fare?

DU: Better than Texas A&M in the SEC.

Dustin in Fort Worth asked: Hi David. Big fan of your blog and I really enjoy the good work you produce. My question is this: If/when A&M moves to the SEC, do you think that the annual rivalry game with TU will still be around (taking into consideration both school's feelings on the change)?

DU: At this point, I think it has to. A&M has made their feelings on the matter crystal clear, and I'm not sure Texas wants to weather the PR disaster that would be ending that series with A&M. The Aggies clearly want it to continue, and have put the pressure on Texas to oblige if A&M leaves.

SoonerSonics in Seattle asked: Exactly how would A&M benefit by going to the SEC?

DU: Well, the theory is that it could outrecruit Texas, be a title contender in the SEC and eventually emerge as the top program in Texas. This, of course, is debatable. Unless you ask the Aggies. To suggest that this might not happen is proof that you're a soulless windbag sent to earth solely to hold down Texas A&M's football program.

Joe in Houston asked: Do you think adding Houston to the Big 12 is a realistic possibility? I thought the NCAA already ruled out high schools being televised on conference and team networks.

DU: Question of the day. Touche, Joe.

Peter in Paris, Texas, asked: What sort of timeline are we looking at for an A&M move to the SEC?

DU: I think the Ags would like to do it tomorrow. The SEC is taking a bit more of a deliberate approach, it would seem. My guess is it's decided one way or another by the end of the month, but it's possible it goes longer.

EA Sports in Austin asked: Did NCAA 12 spark all of this conference realignment? If so when can we see the institution of more WRs at QB and a plethora of scrambling rollouts?

DU: Runner-up for question of the day. Awesome.