Ready to rock in College Station

COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- The press box is pretty docile right now, but I can guarantee you, the first full architectural sway is on its way.

No, not because of the wind, which is absolutely swirling around College Station on a warm, overcast Sunday afternoon.

Once the Aggie War Hymn gets rocking in pregame, we'll be ready for one of the best moments of any trip to Kyle Field. Each upper deck of the stadium, including the press box, will sway as the fans in the stands "Saw 'em off" Kyle hasn't hosted a game since November, so it will be a welcome feeling.

The Aggies had to wait an extra day to get kicked off, plus a record crowd for a season opener is expected, sure to be buoyed by the possibility of a future in the SEC.

It will be a wild atmosphere, likely up to par for what's the best in the Big 12 (for now).

SMU and Texas A&M will kick it off at 7:30 p.m. ET. Plenty more to come later tonight.