Dramatic win gives the Jayhawks hope

Quite the difference for Turner Gill in Year 1 to Year 2.

Kansas fans have to be feeling good.

Jayhawks quarterback Jordan Webb hit D.J. Beshears for a six-yard touchdown to give Kansas a dramatic, 45-42 win over Northern Illinois.

Webb has had plenty of buzz about improvement over the summer, but games like he had tonight lend a lot of legitimacy to those claims.

Webb finished with 21-of-30 for 281 yards and three touchdowns. There weren't any Kansas quarterbacks putting up those kinds of numbers a year ago.

In the Big 12, there's no underestimating the importance of that.

Yes, it's Northern Illinois. Yes, Kansas won by 3. But the Jayhawks didn't do much of that last year. That's called progress and Kansas is making it under Turner Gill.

We'll see how much when they go on the road to play a beatable Georgia Tech team next week.

James Sims and Darrian Miller continue to be solid as well. The pair of backs combined for 167 yards and three scores on 36 carries.