What to watch in the Big 12: Week 3

Here's what I'm keeping my eye on in Week 3.

1. Multiple personalities. It happens every year. Some teams do just fine. Others struggle. But six teams across the Big 12 are going on the road for the first time this season. Young teams are more apt to have these problems than others, but we'll see if any teams show up and look vastly different than they did in their first one or two games.

2. How about an encore, Steele? Iowa State's new star put on a show in an upset of Iowa last week, but he'll get a pretty decent stage to give the nation a look at him for his next performance. Iowa State plays at UConn on Friday night on ESPN2, and I know I'll be watching. The Huskies are beatable. We'll see if Steele Jantz helps the Cyclones do it.

3. Two heads better than one? Texas finally made the switch away from Garrett Gilbert, but it's in an even more interesting position now as the only team in the Big 12 to play more than one QB -- and it has already played three. You could make a pretty good case for playing David Ash, Case McCoy or both. We'll see how Texas approaches its next step in what should be a pretty ugly game out in the Rose Bowl. Zone-read enthusiasts: This game will be like gluttony for you.

4. Where's the D, Bears? Baylor's defense has had to sit and stare at its scoring defense sink to 117th nationally after a 50-48 win over TCU two weeks ago. That should change this week when Stephen F. Austin comes to Waco, but how much? Baylor's defense looked pretty good in games like this last year until it hit conference play.

5. Validation for the Aggies. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have looked great early on. So did Texas A&M in its opener against SMU. But this week against Idaho, the Aggies won't have a chance to prove anything other than they didn't look ahead to next week's showdown against OSU at Kyle Field. Do they put away the Vandals early?

6. Open it up, Wildcats. Or not. Bill Snyder says K-State used only 15 percent of its offense in a 10-7 win over Eastern Kentucky. How much does that change two weeks later against Kent State? Might be time to open it up a bit after the close call against the Colonels. Or is it? We'll find out.

7. How Oklahoma State measures up. The comparison is impossible not to make. Oklahoma laid waste to Tulsa in its opener two weeks ago. This time, the Cowboys complete the in-state triangle by heading to Tulsa to take on the Golden Hurricane. If you were curious, Oklahoma led 44-7 on its home field entering the fourth quarter. Not that we're comparing or anything.

8. Jayhawks, are you for real? Kansas has looked really good through two weeks, with a blowout win over McNeese State and a dramatic win over Northern Illinois, a team that received votes in last week's Top 25 poll. It'll get even tougher this week when the Jayhawks go on the road to face a Georgia Tech team it embarrassed last year. I'll be taking a wide-angle lens with the Jayhawks this week. Can they win in Atlanta?

9. T-T-T-T.J. and the Jet. Missouri is down this week to one running back who's played before: Henry Josey. Freshman Greg White and walk-on Jared Culver will get some time, but the Tigers also say they're working on some stuff with receiver T.J. Moe. Moe's gotten carries before on jet sweeps and direct snaps, but are we going to see some more imagination from offensive coordinator David Yost?

10. Prove something, Tech. Tech had a rough start (trailed 10-9 at halftime) in what felt like a preseason game against Texas State in Week 1. It went back to physical work in its bye week a la spring practice and released a vastly different depth chart heading into this week's trip to New Mexico. Is Tech back on its way up into the top half of the Big 12?