Kansas' historic loss earns T-shirt status

Kansas had a Saturday it would most likely love to forget.

Georgia Tech, however, saw it as an unforgettable outing.

The Yellow Jackets ran up school records of 768 yards and 604 rushing yards in a 66-24 win over Kansas last week.

Georgia Tech's response? Let's make some T-shirts!

With a final game score of 66 to 24 on September 17th, 2011, the Yellow Jackets not only decimated the Jayhawks, they also made history for Georgia Tech and the ACC. Taking school and conference records to an all time high, they deserve your proud celebrations, so brag about your team's mighty record-breaking victory with this commemorative tee. It features an exciting team-spirited equation on the front boasting stats from the game, including 12.1 yards per carry with 768 yards total and 604 rushing yards, making it an all-star presentation of your team's unstoppable success!

... Really?

Kansas went 3-9 last season and ranked last in the Big 12 in scoring by almost four full points. Not surprisingly, that status hasn't changed in 2011, either, but Kansas is giving up an average of 17 more points per game than anyone else in the Big 12 through three games.

The Jayhawks gave up a 95-yard touchdown on Tech's first offensive snap on Saturday, and it didn't get much better, but ... T-shirts for beating the team that finished two games worse than any other in the Big 12 last year, and looks headed for a similar spot in 2011?

... Really?

I'm sure Georgia Tech fans consider the win one of the program-altering variety. Finally, the Yellow Jackets have arrived! In the top 25, anyway. Maybe the school should have some T-shirts printed for that momentous occasion.

A word of advice, Yellow Jackets: When the majority of those T-shirt orders start coming in with addresses from Manhattan, Kan., and Columbia, Mo.?

Just go with it.