Chat: ISU legitimacy, Heisman, realignment

Thanks for all the questions. Here's the full transcript from today's chat.

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And a few highlights:

Drew (SF): Who is going to benefit more from the week off heading into conference play, Texas or Iowa State? Does a week off help an underdog more than a favorite in your opinion?

David Ubben: I don't think there's really a lot of trend in who benefits/is hurt from bye weeks. The only concrete thing is needing players to get healthy. Steele Jantz got banged up against UConn, so it's nice timing for ISU. Should be a great game, though.

Austin (Lafayette La): Who wins the game this weekend in College Station?

DU: My predictions are on the way Thursday. Surprise pick on the way? I took the Aggies in Stillwater last year...

Robert (Silver Dollar City): Can Blackmon be the first Heisman winner that is not a QB/RB since Charles Woodson in 1997?

DU: Nope. Might win the Biletnikoff, but it's just to hard for receivers to win, and I don't think that's wrong. Receiver is such a hard position to truly impact games. Blackmon does it a lot, but QBs and RBs have a lot more to do with wins. It's about the amount of touches, ultimately.

Matt (College Station, TX): Who would be hurt the worst this weekend by a loss, the Aggies or the Cowboys?

DU: The Aggies by far. They still have to go to Norman. Beat OSU and they can lose that game and still have a reasonable chance to win the Big 12. OSU gets OU in Stillwater. Much higher chance to knock off the Sooners. It's really that simple this early with so many variables still out there.

Justin (Oklahoma): David, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris? But honestly, what are Missouri's chances of winning in Norman this weekend, especially given the remarks made by that wide receiver....you know the one who's name i can't recall at the moment..

DU: Ha, I don't think it's a huge deal, but it's definitely interesting. The stuff about "motivation" is probably a little overstated. It's not like OU's going to cheap shot him, but they'll be talking and trying to get in his head on Saturday. The bottom line, though: If you need an opponent to run their mouth to get up for a game like this, especially a team that beat you the previous year, you shouldn't be playing.

James (Texas): What do you realisticly see Texas conference record this year?

DU: I'm still not 100 percent sold, but I said 7-9 wins to begin the year. They're looking much closer to 9-10 these days. I don't think they can beat the top three teams in the Big 12, but as Nebraska taught us in recent years, great defense can take you a long way. The Longhorns have that, and I'd argue their offense is a lot better than Nebraska's in 2009, which won 9 games. Defense isn't quite as good, but still solid.

Robert Griffin III (Waco): Thanks for the Heisman love, man. But seriously, what is Andrew Luck doing that I'm not doing? I know he's good, but come on!

DU: Quarterbacking a team in the top 5 and riding an unprecedented wave of NFL hype. To be clear, warranted NFL hype. But hype nonetheless.

bryce (iowa): Do you think Iowa State is a top 25 team this year?

DU: Not yet. I thought it was premature of people to put them on the ballots this week. Still haven't beaten a good team. If ISU goes to 4-0 in five weeks and beats Texas, though, the Cyclones are in my top 25 and the Horns are out.

Dustin (CA): What are your thoughts on Mack Brown's conference call statements about realignment. I agree with him about the travel costs of family and the burden is puts on student athletes (a 1-2 hour plane ride is preferable to a 5-6 hours), but what was he talking about with the high school coaches?

DU: Lots of high school coaches come to see players, too. They're not going to be flying out to that, but they'll wake up and drive to see players on a Saturday. Coach a kid for four years and send him to a school like OU or Texas, you develop pretty close relationships. Sometimes people forget that. Coaches don't. They have to manage those relationships on both sides.