Landry Jones growing up in fourth quarter

Last year, Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones didn't complete a pass in the fourth quarter.

Last week, he made some of his best throws late against a top five opponent on the road.

Jake Trotter of SoonerNation gives you a look inside his development.

"He hadn't been in many tight ball games on the road," said center Ben Habern. "He had to figure out what it takes to win those types of games. He figured it out toward the end of the season."

Did he ever.

After an up-and-down performance at Oklahoma State, Jones took over late in the fourth quarter with two touchdown passes in the game's final three minutes to propel the Sooners to a 47-41 win.

The following week, he made a couple of key throws to lead the Sooners on a game-winning field goal drive in the fourth quarter to win the Big 12 championship against Nebraska.

"You draw from your experiences and know you can get it done," Jones said.Jones got it done again last weekend.

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