Bizarre play, not yet turning point for A&M

COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- We won't forget that play any time soon.

Oklahoma State looked poised to take an easy 11-point lead after trailing by 17 at halftime.

Receiver Justin Blackmon trotted into the end zone but the ball inexplicably squirted out of his hands and out of bounds after it crossed the goal line. The Cowboys' lead jumped back to 27-20 early in the fourth quarter after turning an interception into a field goal.

Ryan Tannehill looked to hit Jeff Fuller on a deep ball on the play after Blackmon's quizzical fumble, but later in the drive, handed it back with an interception into triple coverage after being pressured.

Texas A&M tried to ride the momentum off the fortunate play, but couldn't do it. Is another big play coming?

Momentum has clearly turned, and the Aggies have to try and get it back. Their season might depend on it.