Third-quarter woes continue for Aggies

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Texas A&M took an 18-point lead into halftime against Arkansas today.

Last week, it was 17 points against Oklahoma State.

In both games combined, Texas A&M was outscored in the third quarter 31-0.

Arkansas now trails just 35-27 after outscoring the Aggies 10-0 in the quarter. The Aggies didn't have a turnover in the half until a late Christine Michael fumble, but the momentum has clearly shifted. Texas A&M isn't doing much to help change it, either.

Facing a fourth-and-2, Texas A&M tried to draw Arkansas offside and took a delay-of-game penalty. Rather than having some faith in a running game that averaged just under 9 yards a carry in the first half and an offensive line playing one of its best games of the year, the Aggies settled for a 19-yard punt.

Arkansas scored on the following drive.

Unlike last week, the Aggies still have the lead at the end of the third quarter, and there's no reason to panic. But Arkansas' charge has given Texas A&M plenty of reason to reassert itself as the aggressor at the line of scrimmage.

Fumbles are out of character for Michael and his partner in the backfield, Cyrus Gray. The Aggies have to keep the ball in their hands.